there's been trouble at the mill and now there are flames in the pony club,
what can you do to help the situation?

I set the mill on fire and run around in circles in front of the pony club yelling, "DEATH... Death to Picasso. Save the purple cabages!!!"- gone postal

What the hell's a pony club?- Sodatab

call lassie- Ninja

Let it all burn!!!- Sally

I started the flames. What makes you think I want to help? - Dazed o.O

Well by god man, do ye think i'm fookin' jesoos? *Sean Connery Accent* I'd call on that one dog, you know...the one that always helped Timmy - what's it's name? Scooby Doo?- Kitten

ummm.- gremlin

well it depends if it's the pony club i belong to which dresses me up and i get to ride ppl. i would then spray everything with the hose pipe. if not this club then burn in hell- keglineq

I'd round up the neighbours 'cuz there's a free barbeque going down tonight! Yeehawww!!!- McDiablo

I don't really care about them mill and ponies make me nervous. So do flames. I'd just call the cops. - Mandie

shoot lassie. i started that fire, and if it werent for those damn kids... i mean dog... then my evil plan to take over the world would have had been a success! mu-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah!! etc and that mill, well, i said to johnny, i said "dont do it", but, well, you know johnny, and he said, that jim-bob told him that it was ok, and well, one thing lead to another, and then, well, jim-bob told johnny that i told him that he should do it, and do it twice, which is a complete lie, cos you know, i was there with suzie when it happened, cos you know, she had that thing on her back, and well, we went to the doctors, but, you know, we had to wait half-an-hour, and by the time we got back, the tea was burnt, and we had to go shopping, but, you know, they had run out of it, so, we had a coffee at the cafe, and what was the question again?- Fido Dido

Pony Club... is that really important? I mean give me a break there are horses they can go at it again have more ponies... now if there are flames call those firemen and watch them dang fine men!- NO TOUCHY

run around yelling "timmy is stuck in the well".. dammit i'm not lassie.. why the heck am i not lassie.. i have enough fur.. - Miss Rogers Sweater

well, i hope that the barbie stable is safe,at least, i would steal the small things to make the little girly girls who are a part of the "saddle club" scream profanity- Canimeda

i'd get the horses out first, after all, its not their fault humanity sux. i could then probably throw some more gasoline on the pony club. after that, id stick around just to make sure that that pony club burned all the way to the ground. youve got to see these things through. i guess id have to find some way to delay the fire trucks. that would be helpful. i wonder if the "Saddle Club" would be filming at the time? id put a little more effort in feeding the flames if they were. - frazicus

i can help lead the jackalopes to safety if you can insure they wont kill me when im done- psychotic_freak

The situation is being fixed now. The trouble at the mill was over the stupid ponies, and now the ponies are dying so the pony conflict will be resolved.- MeowMix

Find the nearest dry brush and toss it in. - Angelfish

Ok, Quick...get about 50 bags of carrots sticks, large circular piece of cardboard, and super glue, hurry! We're going to build a life-size model of Bea Arthur!!- TroubledPrey

I can bring water to put out the fire at the pony club- Alish

first i create a wormhole from the pony club to the mill by using quantum mechanics and dividing by zero. i then lead the ponies into the wormhole with a carrot; the ponies are then milled at the mill, giving the disgruntled mill workers too much work to do to cause trouble. nice and tidy, no?- Matamite

spit on my banana- Insanity

To keep the fire going or put it out? If I wanted it to keep going I'd find some gun powder and train it from the Pony Club to the mill so that when the flames reach the mill it will explode. (I'm assuming this is a grain mill, because a grain mill will explode.)- Cirrusl

what? you can't prove it was me who poured gas all over the floor and then threw a match.- syko morgana

put out the fire- kudos

Run around and around screaming "Fire, fire, fire", until I get dizzy and fall down. Then I get burnt alive.- Mzebonga

I'd go and protect the potato fields.- Fergus O'dimbal

No! Not my pony!! You're so mean!!!- Sophie

take the mill and pour it over the ponies, dip them in grease and let them fry for about 20 mins. then let cool and enjoy.- Sya

You give me stinky monkey butt. I eat stinky monkey butt. Now me eat stinky sock monkey. Butt first, yumm.- Flabba the Slut

take my hilicopter and fly over it to spread the flames with the wind- meagnolia

help out at the mill i dont have nay horses.- nuclear,biological,chemically imbalanced

well *obviously* i could help in a large variey of ways, but id rather watch you attempt to help first...and watch you fail miserably like the scum you are. Ponies suck. Down with ponies.- Bilge

I know my socks have a mind of their own, they tell me all the time, so i would let them handle it and go watch the antiques road show.- Ainera

ride the ponys.. ride them all day long- MoooooooMooo

piss on it - scsi

Drink a big, I mean BIG, glass of water, and let her rip!- nirojah

Hmm..."AAAAAH! CALL 9-11! CALL 9-11!! AAAAAHHH!!!" and just stand there like a total dipshit. - Tubby!

Me? nothing, but i will bitch a lot. - Stupid Handle(aka Fancy Fork Flinger)

well... i would... no i must go and jump in the flaming roasting "pony club" and gather all the ponies and then put out the fire. perhaps my next step would be taking them to a butcher and making money... in large amounts.- The X

what's a pony club? and why the hell would i care about the mill??- Ishbul

Call the fire department- Laura

i'd dial 1-800-DIAL-mtv and tell carson to start a cult for the mindless drones that insist on watching the same 10 videos every day. if all goes well, they'd all be sheparded into the pony club, luring them with promises of free n sync concert tickets, then i'd let nature take her course, and hopefully, 2 million years from now, all their charred twisted remains would provide valuable fossil fuel. - marissa

go home and have a coffee then possibly read for a while or go on the internet.- it

throw out the flour and piss on the ponies- lor

run away and get help from Flipper (the loveable intelligent and damn groovy dolphine from the TV series of the same name) and make his ejaculate over the pony club instantly putting out the fires (you know a dolphine can ejaculate up to 14 ft!)- Karma Monster

Cut the pony hair to weave a basket for carrying water to put the ponies out before they get too burnt to eat. Then snack.- Keta

I would use the pon'ys hair to weave baskets and a rope to shimmy the water from the mill to the pony club to dampen the fire so the meat wouldn't cook too quickly.- Hedge Monkey

run around screaming ha ha!- figui

first i'd slowy but sensually push all the right buttons on the receiver then i would sweet talk the fine officer on on the phone and get them to send other some delicious firemen to come put out the fire with their huge hoses. after they had finished with the ponys we would all sit back and relax with some cider. - Humpy McWackWack

I have seen this many times before, and to tell you the truth, it doesn't look good. I think I would have to examine this further given more information and maybe some baking soda and a pitchfork. - monkey

i can jerk off on the fire.- z24

Pour gasoline all over the place to put the little kids out of their misery.- Blunt

Start a new club.- SiNiSTaR

start my own brothel...using the stolen ponys to earn the money.- OddBoddkins

I would do the following:

Dig out my conquistador costume...

Collect as many pieces of co-ax cable as I could scavenge from my landlord's basement.

Stage an interpretive dance amongst the flames. My following commitment to the nut house should provide adequate distraction so no-one would notice the pony club till it had burned to smoldering cinders.- D-Link

piss on it- Blinky

i would roast marshmallows and give the bystanders popcorn so they could stand and watch the pretty flames.- dumb blonde

stand there and watch for a while, then spit loudly and dramatically- Insanity In The Flesh

boil a pot of hot water and get Wilma's suitcases ready to take to the hospital! - schizoid

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