there is no reason for us not to cover ourselves with peanut oil
and throw ourselves at the walls...or is there?
there most certainly is a reason to cover ourselves with peanut oil and throw ourselves at the walls... it's a day that ends in Y!- liz

Everyone should cover themselves in oil and throw themselves at the wall, doing this makes lovely grease stain art. Peanut oil isnt sticky enough though, I suggest you use olive oil.- MeowMix

Yes i must insist that there is a problem with that idea. Peanut oil is much to slippery and the wall slipping won't be as fun. A real winner is corn syrup, thick enough that you have friction but not to slick that youre just right to the bottom.- Franky the one-armed midget

I'm going with no just for the fact I don't think I'd like peanut oil on me but throwing my self at the wall is cool the harder the better right?- Sally

why not? it's fucking sexy to me.- Slurpee

We should appease the God of peanut oil and throwing ourselves at walls because 2003 will be the year of his coming. Those who have not engaged in the holy act of washing in peanut oil and then hammering the evil spirits from our bodies will be forcefully cleansed with scouring pads and cod liver oil - from the inside out. We should do this for the God of peanut oil and throwing ourselves at walls is the one, true God. or is he?- Mzebonga

Of course there is. The fun police say so.- shortymac83

I suppose its something to keep you busy on a Sunday afternoon- Hev

peanut oil is coool- billy bob

No, there is no reason, but just becouse there is no reason does not mean that we should not do it.- LubisKo

we all must cover ourselfs with peanut oil. then we must dance around the fire chanting "holy cheese oh holy cheese." while tying baby sardines to our tounges.- syko morgana

oh theres a good reason not too... *whispers* "its all about the butt cheese"- popedoug

No reason at all... aslong I you don't get any peanut old near me... I'm allergic to it!!- TwistedSoul

of course there is havent you ever heard of the contest that reewards you one million dollars? I totally suggest you go out buy the best peanut oil cover yourselves in it and get a running start! Believe me! Im bobs friend- BoBsPeNiS

I really don't know what you're talking about. I never covered myself with peanut oil and threw myself at a wall. Honestly I didn't! Define Peanut Oil...- Fergus O'dimbal

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, peanut oil. Tastes good with little Sock Monkey. Tasty, sexy, little Sock Monkey. Throw him at wall until he tender. Eat covered with peanut oil. Nummy!- Flabba the Slut

it depends if that shit makes our mom horney- FALILV

If you ever have the urge to throw yourself into a non-padded wall, cover yourself in peanut oil. What is the point, you may ask? Simple. Peanut oil causes ones skin to soften much like the texture of a padded wall sooooo, when you throw yourself into a regular wall your own skin cushions the blow. Got it? Good.- McDiablo

Well, that would depend upon the the texture of the walls. You see, peanut oil is very chemically unbalanced, and should it mix with something as reciprocatively unbalanced as, say, stucco, you could have a great danger and effect on your hands. Think fire and a really bad smell. So, I guess my answer is no, there is no reason why you shouldn't do that. Just post the pics!- thanatophyte

no answer.- AnthraxBoy

Well, thats a very good plan, but there's one thing you need to change about it. Instead of peanut OIL, you should use peanut BUTTER!! it would make it more interesting indeed, then you'd get stuck to the walls! but, if that doesn't work, then just throwing yourself into the walls will do fine.- Swanky

nope, i do it all the time, except i use peanut butter.. but it's kinda annoying cuz it's hard getting rid of a peanut butter wedgie. trust me.- Miss Roger's Sweater

Infact, i do that constantly. thats why im at a psychopathics network shop. i grab huge containers of peanut butter all over myself, and then run against the wall to see what type of mark i'll make. its usually a big fat shit stain, because i knock the hell outta myself... and im like, usually full of shit....- Kreepie

Of course not ! Actually, I'm pretty sure the described activity would qualify as a contemporary artform.- freestyler

Well there is if there are fire ants in the room- Randy

poor walls...- R Dire

Of course not. Actually, there's large groups of people out there who meet online, and meet in real life to get off to such activities.- Dolpha

Wouldn't you have to get naked? Isn't that reason enough not to? I mean, imagine Mzebonga naked. *shudders*- Sophie

Yes, there unfortunately is..... You see, the CIA has been watching us 'peanut oil human paintbrushes', as they like to call us, for several years now. I'm afraid that they're very close to making a decent case against us and.....oh my GOD THEY'RE HERE RUN!!!! No!!!!!! THE PEANUT OIL HAS MADE US TOO SLIPPERY!!!!!!!!- Dolpha

no, unless you have olive oil, then there'd be no reason to use peanut oil...actually, no EXCUSE to do so, considering the olive oil just sitting there, waiting to be used...- SiNiSTaR

No, I do it all the time, AND I ENJOY IT WHAT... Ok so I like to throw people into walls too I like it- Blunt

everyone knows the only reason to cover ourselves in peanut oil and throw ourselves agains the wall is to disrupt the communications between the little people in our head and THE MAN. His little agents transmissions can pass lead... steel... and even fless but not peanut oil!!! and the smashing against the wall jars them from their seats just like small people on the strar ship enterprise. how ever everyone knows that unlike the original star trek... the new ones are just imposters sent by THE MAN and the little people in our minds. Remember peanut oil and throwing ourselves agains the wall keeps us freee from oppresion and injustice... as well as fake episodes of startrek. if you watch closely... in the background you can see the shipmates flinging themselves against the wall to keep out of the brain control!!!- IT"S A SECRET

of course there is! as a member of peanut oils annonymus i whole heartedly agree to beeing smeared on someone and then thrown at a wall...- monkeyflags

just be careful it's not the wall of the elephant house. i heard they can be quite randy around peanuts- keglineq

you are delusional nothing is true.- not a goth

The thought that crosses my mind is, crunchy or smooth? Me by myself crunchy, but with friends around I would go with smooth.- imp

Well it does make a fun game but i think we should do it to make crazy people look sane, then they would get released from the insane places and the world would be over run with more people i can relate to.- jonut

yes- kat

It depends on how hot you are and how horny I am!- bananamanda

No, there not..but I prefer eggplant oil due to might recent quarrel with the peanuts. The will suffer the wrath of The Way!!- OmegaClarinet

that depends are there crazed alien elephants involved?- Sk8erGecko

there is a reason to do may want to have a wall smell and look like peanut oil or you are completely copying my boredom activities- punk_not_poser

If Im that slippery i might as well masterbate- C beezus

no there is no reason. UNLESS YOUR A PEANUT MURDERING JACLASS. all those poor peanuts savagly murdered to make oil. you heartless bastards.- Ninja

The grand lords of all peanuts demand human sacrifice in their own juices... if this isn't reason enough I don't know what is.- GENO

you cant cuz it will seep into your chode causing severe rash im speaking from experiance - snarf

Well, quite frankly if thats how you get your kicks, i say go for it. Just don't involve the inoccent jelly jar. - Mistofflies

i live in a hut in africa and im trying to lure an elephant in. my kid has been asking for one for a long time now and i feel its about time she done so well in school.- ricidulous

Absolutely no reason. And why stop there when there are plenty of bridges over 20 metres high to throw our pitiful bodies over.- chip

No reason whatsoever. In fact, why not go the whole hog and smother yourself in apple jam?- Witto

I remember reading peanut oil was good for the skin. Covering yourself in the oily slippery crap then pounding yourself against the walls may do wonders for your skin's circulation/overall look. Think about it. Essential skin oils and proper circulation, you'd look like Britney Spear's stomach after years of throwing yourself at the walls with the oil, and a mere 8943983475943857 tanning booth sessions later. What could be better? Me ending this would be a starter...- SararararararS

'Course there is! There's always reason for perfectly rational actions such as that!- ZOT

no there is no reason not to.......... by covering yourselves with peanut oil, it works as some sort of lubrication that will make your hit on to wall less painful.... it makes the momentum of the impact less and therefore helping you not to injure yourselves.... this impact can be further lessened by adding vaseline which helps make the peanut oil more adhesive to your bodies amd therefore you can throw youselves onto the wall more frequently and not sustain any major injuries..... slight paralysis may occur....- peachikins

Hmmm.....- F.T.L.

Well, possibly. Throwing ourselves at a wall after being covered in peanut oil would make us to slippery to stick. We should probably fine another substance.- AMP

there is no reason- mors

no there is no reason- orion

no there is no reason why we shouldn't. in fact we should do it all the time, even in school because its kinky.- butthead

of course there is i dont know if i could go a whole day with out covering myself with peanut oil and throw myself at the wall. its like a cleansing exercise it gets all the bad karma out of my surounding!- ibejustpeachy

no way, i find its a greatway to relax.- neville

Sure there is. What the hell else are you going to do?- Lizard people are sick...sick i tell you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- evilbunniesfromthefurturewilldestroyusall

oh yeah, its like art man- gatto

no there isnt becuase u wont stick 2 the walls and have 2 have someone pull u down...get sumthin sticky now thats more like it...then u can stick 2 the wall and check otu all the cracks in the walls- mono

There is! We have to think of the consequences. It's much nicer to lick chocolate, marshmellow and cream off the wall then just peanut oil.....- Chaiz

Absolutely no reason at all not to. I recommend it. It's theraputic and if you are allergic to peanuts it's a sight to see!!!!!- sarinie

O_o go ahead. i'll still love you either way.- Fido Dido

Not that I can think of.- jessie

Don't have peanut oil and the walls are really soft.- Omuletzu

no, there isn't. Who doesn't get a thrill out of running themselves into walls? - Brett

well, ive always found that the peanut oil and wall method has been extremely effective in keeping mimes away from my house. havnt seen any for months.- frazicus

we have to because if we don't then the militia of sardines will destroy us- popedoug

That depends on the salt content of your urine.- Mystic Murray

Don't, whatever you do. Walls love the taste of peanut oil, and they will grab you and eat you.- Fish

to each his own, man.........- EvilSara88

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