what do you think your obituary will say about you?

Found dead - one drugged up hobo lieing in the grass at the bottom of a cliff. Name unknown. He has been living off of baked beans for some time. If you have any infomation regarding said hobo, please contact West Midlands Police.- Fido Dido

MeowMix was a disgusting little waste of life, and her death does the world a tremendous amount of good. Services will be held Monday at 9:00 pm. Free Cheese And Pickles Will Be Served!- MeowMix

"She was crazy assed kid who suddenly decided at the age of 14 that swearing is an essential thing to have in her vocabulary. She is survived by her dog, Richard, and fish, Breanne ." - Feckur

He was a perfect example of why you shouldn't our gasoline down your pants and play with matches.- Big Philly Dawg

Mzebonga died yesterday. And, boy, was he pissed off about it.- Mzebonga

The stupid B***h never had a good word to say about me! theyll never give me that job at Burger King if they get a reference from her!- Umbungo

hopefully it won't speak...if it did, it would be censored- Anastasia

"'Shoooooogaaaaahhh', as Kara liked to be called, was a short little prostitute that never shut up but still managed to be a fucking validictorian.- shoooooogaaaaahhh

"The last survivor of the "Cream-Cheese Holocaust" of 2007 has finally died from having his nose bitten off by an industrial-sized mechanised duck . . . Missed by all except the people of Tunisia . . . You know why"- Fish

I've already read it. Quite an interesting one. I found it in my mothers drawer all ready for when I do die (she likes to be prepared for any situation) "Dearest beloved Waxter. We loved thee dearly with all our hearts, but twas not enough. We still found it nessecary to slowly flay you alive while you screamed in tortured agony, and then to bury the body in the back yard under the compost heap. RIP" Actually, come to think about it, that could mean... Uh oh! I thiaaghhhaieu dyssdgfuigg fghasva HELP agaiugf aieugiadvi ME garug iagas Hello. This is Waxter. Not Waxter's mother who has just murdured him, because he, I mean I am not dead. I am fine. Dont worry about me. My mother is perfectly sane. Not a rampaging killer. No. Never. Sincerley Waxter

Regrets, I've had a few, But, then again, too few to mention. I did it... MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY. PS: Fergus was a moron.- Fergus O'dimbal

i won't have one. i'm gonna live FOREVER!! *echo* forever!! Muahahahahaaa.. *laughs evilly*- SiNiSTaR

no comment.- Miss Roger's Sweater

A failure in life... he redeemed himself by dying.- Mzebonga

mister w33nkie was a very young and intelligent sexy man with a big penith. he liked to show off his penith to all his very sext friends. i always like seeing his penith, because it was so sexy i got hard staring at it. too bad he was only 13.- w33nkie.

frazicus. an accomplished frisbee catcher, departed this earthly plane 19/4/2005. she should have seen the cliff.- frazicus

Obituary about Frank Who's frank? well we really dont know. Well ummmm Frank was a good man yadda yadda yadda we hope he's in peace yadda yadda yadda... Next Obit.- I am frank

I doubt I will have an obituary as no one would probably care if I died. Depressing? Yes. Truthful? Definately. - bunky

Free you body and soul Unleash your powerful wings Climb up the highest mountains Kick your feet up in the air You may now live forever Or return tothis earth Unless you feel good where you are- Ninja

I hope it dont say anything...cause...don't you think it would be strange if an obituary talked?- AnthraxBoy

stupid moggy owning weirdo woman.- Sally

In response to the martyrdom of their beloved leader and icon, Enfante Terrible, who was apparrently slain by U.S., black-op assassins, paranoid, misanthropic geniuses everywhere resolved not to answer the phone or leave the house without the company of guard dogs for an eighteen month vigil in her honor.- Enfante Terrible

"will not be missed by ANYONE. died of boredom."- lolly

sean miller - he was very great- pshhhh

fuck, it doesn't matter. I WILL NEVER DIE!!!!!- fishtopher

" Well, what can we say about old FartMonkey? She called herself FartMonkey even though she was not really a monkey, though she reportedly had frequent problems with flatulence. Nobody really knew her because she was, in fact, a deranged rambling drunk that lived under a bridge and came seeking revenge upon children in the night, assuming they made up stories wherein she came to seek revenge upon children in the night. Half the time she wore a life preserver, and hid in cars to bark at passing elderly people. Her casual mouth-generated explosion noises in public and foaming at the mouth was probably a result of either rabies or prolonged contact with a site entitled 'The Insane Domain.'Thank goodness she is dead, so elderly people that frequently walk past cars and little children passing bridges will at last be safe.- FartMonkey

That I liked to throw things. And perhaps a tid-bit on peeling my pancaked carcass off the highway.- Cirrus

Ate too many sexy Sock Monkies died from large furball stuck in throat.- Flabba the Slut

im a beauty and should be killed for my over beautyness- DamnMyBeauTy

She was extremely short, that's why she got killed (by getting stood on)- Fridge-Ass

McDiablo....she was the only one who could spell 'obituary' without looking in the dictionary. She will be greatly missed by her family and adopted sock monkey, Pooky.- McDiablo

im a stupid, crazy person that is a danger to anyone when injected with cocaine.i tend to believe people are horses..- makAeYa

HA! told you so.- foetish

finally- hollow

mine will say this man was an idiot so dont go to his funeral and if you do, laugh when you get there and say good ridence then laugh again - butthead

the gremlins finally succeeded- BillyGoatJoe

She was a psychotic demon from hell. She was probably spawn of Satan. Her death was 6-6-06.- insanity crises 420

Deceased, Best known for throwing stones at old people and laughing as they cripple up and bruise.Fuck me, we're glad shes gone...- poopy jo

Fuck off.- Beatrix

That I died.- Omuletzu

aaaaaahahaahahahahahahahahaha did you SEE the look on her face? ahaha- the_lady

I get her house.- Phoebe

this eejit died yesterday after leaping out of a ground floor window into a flowerbed. her remains were only identified yesterday as the earthworms had eaten their way thru most of her face. her closest relatives and boyfriend reckoned she looked better this way anyway. anyway...she did very little for humanity...theres not really much to say about her. can we stop now? lets fill in the spaces left with our report on the western connaught annual sheep shagging competition...won this year by a farmers wife called Anne E Malfuggin...a total of 36 sheep, 7 cows and a random donkey in 24 hours...- wee jen jen

that i was born the child of God and brought joy to all on Earth. but alas, as my years progressed i became a sexually depressed maniac that thrived on the bitterness against other to make me sexually stimulated. and that i had masterminded the plan to overthrow Goerge Lucas for all the fucking money he made on Star Wars.- Bearded

that im a stupid bitch and will never learn- stupid bitch

i ws a hoochie that had maroon hair.- meagnolia

she wa a good lay veryone in town knew that- deter

pure evilness since jack the ripper, wonderful mommy, she wasnt weird, but look at her kids. ;)- sheniqua

i was a kick ass marklar who was da shit that everyone loved. I lead an interesting life full of many twists and turns and had a great time. If you have aproblem, please go to hell and ask for Mandy, as she will assist you with any questions or comments you have. Peace out - Mandy

Im surprised helive this long.- LubisKo

she was a wonderfully caring person and she will forever be remembered as the girl who was most likely to go insane in her freshman year of high school. - bobs penis tassle holder

"For many a flower is born to blush unseen; Or waste it's sweetness in the desert air"...whoa! I had a moment of seriousness...actually, my obituary would say, "Garage sale!"- Richard

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