someone hands you a box and orders you to take it home but never open it...
how long before you rip open the box?

right when I get home- Harmie*Kins

14 and a half seconds after I get through my door, lock all of my locks, and shutter all of my windows.- baindread

as soon as they turn around- Ninja

i wouldnt rip open the box. id carefully open it so as to be sure that i know exactly how to re seal it seamlessly. of course, that entire plan will fall apart when the *inevitable* camera inside takes my photo. - frazicus

7 hours and 44 minutes and 56 sec.- I dont know what the fuck to say...

Obviously the box is a bomb designed to kill me should I open it. So I bin it. But then come back five minutes later and spend the rest of the night watching the bin in case the box tries to crawl out. I would then seet fire to the bin to stop it laughing at me, and watch the flames comsume the box. Ha! Now who's laughing! Oh wait, could someone call the fire service, somehow my kitchen is on fire..- Fido Dido

I never open it, but I wipe blood on it with my cheek.- Kotary

I don't take it home if I don't know what's in it. - Enfante Terrible

I will wait 4 hours and 12 minutes. I will then open it up, and inside there will be a hamster family.- Syko Morgana

I never rip open the box. I light it on fire, thereby burning the box away and revealing the nothingness within.- FartMonkey

I make sure it isnt ticking...i never open it,unless it starts to smell funny or do something odd...i sit around and guess whats in the box when im bored...maybe i open it before i die,or pass it on to my this time,i have made sure no one CAN open the box.- Nate

right in front of them-

as soon as no one is around to see me, and I've figured out a detailed way of resealing it- animan1

About three weeks although the urge is there. I can see the box in the top shelf of the closet just waiting to be opened although the door is closed. I become insanely obsessed with it and finally grab enough courage to open the damn sucker.- Torzy

3 minutes- chuffa

2 days! the first day i thought about why someone would give me a box and then after the 24 hours i decide to send it through airport security and i know that if it goes through then its a bomb! OPEN IT AT SCHOOL! - mommy they're laughing at me

I don't go home, nor do I open it. Instead I follow the person home, hounding them with questions similar to 'what's in the box?' until they either tell me or do me in like that Dahmer guy did, or that Wayne Gacy guy. I would prefer to go Son of Sam style, but it's his decision. oh...and...I LOVE CHEESE!!!! (limburger even)- ANthraxboY

I would rip it open infront of the guys face. I would not be able to help it.- Vicious

I make him open it right there.- Omuletzu

i woulnd tak it home- homoeroticus

an exceedingly long time, given my accidentally having swallowed it on the way home.- Fish

take it to the fullest building and open it- Claws

Well Sepvember 54th, of 1765, i was given a box and told never to open it, Its still sitting in my closet. Unfortunatly, I didnt listen to the little weird guy who gave it to me, thats why I am still sitting here, alive. Im over 300 some years old. Can you help me? *sobs* I wanna die- monkeeskittles

the person hands it to me... and then i turn my back to them.. and rip that sucker open.- Miss Roger's Sweater

1 minute- catchersmitt

5 seconds...i hope whatever it is it's shiny- SG*

not very long damnit- DC

give me 5 seconds- firefly

I'd open it right in their face.- One-fiddy_Ez

as soon as im home- shinya

I don't open it-- I give it to the insatiably curious and obnoxious neighbor kid, tell him not to open it, then go hide in the bomb shelter for an hour or so.- Dragonesse

about 15 seconds- Rocky

Hello?! You dont open boxes that people tell you not to..Because obviously there is a shrew family in there. Shrews like to be left alone, inside dark boxes. Gosh, how would you like it if some fucker ripped off your damn roof thinking something for HIM was in there??- Pokey

um lets see probaly as soon as that jackass is far enough away not to see me. then i'll take it out and play with it for a while unti i breask oit the quickly repack it and pretend it never happened.- meagnolia

i would open the bloody box straight away- laz

instantly just to piss them off.- Coza

5 seconds- DiSaStEr_ChiLd

3 months, 2 weeks, 4 days, 17 hours, 27 minutes and 59 seconds. you know why.- The Fool

The second I leave there sight line- Me

knowing me i'd probably ake it home then forget all about it until i discover it weeks later already opened by someone else who i find out is my sister because she has an imp clinging to her face and she seems 8uncomfortable but that's what happens when you go snooping around opening strange boxes and interfering with other people's stuff. - SiNiSTaR

The next full moon, while slaughtering a virgin and chanting "JooJooBee, JooJooBee, JooJooBee" over and over. Just to make sure that teh contents of the never to be opened box won't kill me.- Nelson

As soon as they're gone. Then i open it right there and look at the precious cargo. Then i close the box and take it home. This way, i didn't open the box at home and then i followed their orders. - Angelfish

Depends on what I predict could be in the box. If it smells funny, well, who in their right minds would want a very ripe cheese? If it's all sloshy, I'd rip it open 'cuz, DUH, it's a Slurpee! If it's going *tick tick tick*, I wouldn't wait for Tinker Bell to save me--I'd chuck that mother trucker out the window!- McDiablo

Well, never. It rips itself open because it's a bomb and my whole house blows up and I never have to worry about work or school again because I am killed in the blast. I go to heaven and I'm happy - not before time.- Mzebonga

As soon as they give it to me. Why wait til I get home?- Barclay


ten seconds- Hatty

about six minutes- sicky

ive already opened it before i got home and found DCs collection of banana shaped dildos and that brittney spears blow-up doll.- monkie boy

when i deside if i could kick crap out of the person who handed me the box or when i deside it isn't a bomb- Brabuss

immediately, in front of the person, out of spite for being ordered around.- pieyetic reuptake

box? what box??? i didn't open any box... nope wasn't me, in fact i've never even seen a box, i don't even know what a box is! - Marissa

as soon as i get inside my door - Nate

i wouldnt rip it, id smash it in that someones face..AND HE deserves it for tryin to order me around..Damn it bitch!!! When will they learn?!- SpaGGeTTi

Rip it open in front of their face and skip away merrily.- 60ximanyD

I don't because the terrorist probably planted it there for someone to give me and the police will take ten hours with it so i would have gone by then- evaroony

About 5.9 seconds.... - Elf Muncher

wait till see if it will rip itself open then in disappointment after a couple days sitting in the midle of my home i would rip it open.- JeeJEE

Until they are not looking.- UNoWho

2.3 seconds- LittleBit

erm, a while. but i might be a bit worried it contained gizmo, therefore maybe a bit sooner than a while. depending on how paranoid i was and how recently i'd watched gremlins- crushed_eyeliner

how long does it take them to get out of sight? - samantha

Easy, get an x-ray machine and see whats in the damn thing. If it's a bomb or some shit, Ill just give it to my neighbor, put it under his Christmas tree. - Poopie Diaper Head

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