is a mental spanking ever as good as a real one?

no- Harmie*Kins

No warm bum. No warm hand. No throbbing. (Well, maybe throbbing, since the brain is the biggest sexual organ) - baindread

holy hell no! i could never go back to a mere mental spanking after being royally spanked. now that....OOOohhhh!- frazicus

only when u do it with a cucumber.- I dont know what the fuck to say...

Only if done by a well trained octopus on a Friday.- Fido Dido

Sure is.- Kotary

Rarely, because most people who consider themselves intellectual enough to try giving one lack the courage to make the recipient cry as hard as they deserve to.- Enfante Terrible

Hmmm..well lets look at it this way. Is a mental stroke of the sock monkey tail as good as mental one? - Syko Morgana

Are plastic sporks ever as good as metal knives?- FartMonkey

Its far more damaging,so,if you want to beat the person sensless;...yes,but if you are going to repremand them,no.- Nate


no- animan1

Nothing mental is better than the real thing.- Torzy

course not- chuffa

so close but no! when i am tied up during a session of hot steamy circus sex with me favorite "little person" bob the builder its just so much better when he is spanking my ass with a wet tightrope walker! grr baby! you cant mentally get off on that!- mommy they're laughing at me

No. unless you are on some fun new drug.- Vicious

Well, yeah, because a mental spanking could also induce the false memory of a real spanking.- Omuletzu

no NEVER- homoeroticus

only if the mental spanking involves a spandex headcap, 3 carrots, a cheese grater and a very, very large amount of vaseline. DON'T forget the vaseline *shudders*- Fish

oh yeah- Claws

All depends on who's giving me a mental spanking, but nothing can compare to the real things. Now a real spanking with a sexy guy, oh who am I kidding, with any guy, is the best thing on this planet. If you havent had one, i suggest you go ut and get one.- monkeeskittles

is spanking ever a good thing? i'm against the using of innocent little spankings who grow up in foreign countries and are sent here to work for pennies.. - Miss Roger's Sweater

nah- catchersmitt brain itches...spankings are the best!- SG*

not really but sometimes it will do- DC

no- firefly

huh?- One-fiddy_Ez

donīt think so...- shinya

Sometimes it's better...- Dragonesse

Only if I get spanked in the head- Rocky

When the cats were eating their clam chowder...They said that when they take over the world, they are going to rule out all real spankings, along with everything else that is real. Like real coke. Only diet coke will be allowed, so that eventually the nutrasweet will kill us and we will all die. So I think we should pretend to like the mental ones, even though we know the real ones are better, so that way they will just not go near the whole spanking issue, and then they cant deprive us of a good spanking. - Pokey

oh it depends if i get a real paddle or a mental one and if i get to piul;l down my pants or not,- meagnolia

no- laz

No way- Coza

nope- DiSaStEr_ChiLd

not if it is someone like Britney Spears. Then you need a physical spanking, good and hard, preferably with a board with a lot of rusty nails in it.- The Fool

Never thought about it- Me

No because it doesn't make my nipples hard or anything like that.- SiNiSTaR

A tough one. But here's what a few well trained Scientists found after a series of tests: A real spanking is a lot more energetic, thus causing the subject to become more fit, which is good to devolop at an early age (because of course we a talking about babies here) . But a Mental spanking can be extremely damaging to the brain and imagination, thus causing the subject to become bitter and twisted for the rest of the child's life, living a painfull and meaningless life, only to grow up and become a Nationally acclaimed scientist (which means nothing to anyone by the way) who spends all their time lokking at sock monkey porn and answering useless questions.- Nelson

That depends heavily on who's doing the spanking. - Angelfish

To me, a mental spanking is when your parent/guardian says, "You have let me down". That hurts more than a whoop in the ass, trust me. But, of course, there are many brats out there nowadays who choose not to listen to their parents, so a good smack will put them in line--of course, their parents, if caught, will be put on American television and criticized for their butt-whacking ways. Dammit, Dr. Phil...- McDiablo

No. It's a shoddy substitute. But it's good if your with your girlfriend on the train and you'll get arrested if you try the real thing.- Mzebonga

Spankings are usually carried out by mentally retarded people anyway. Well they are in my video collection. It'd be a little hard to do in a straight jacket anyway, so no.- Barclay


hey?- Hatty

nope- blank

no- sicky

unless i physically take my brain and start spanking my monkey... oh yeah right there ::starts drooling::- monkie boy

no not really i think it is best to have a proper kickin if you are going to get one not just be shouted at- Brabuss

it depends on the book you use.- pieyetic reuptake

well, just thinking about a spanking is getting me a bit hot under the collar, *disappears into bedroom, emerges 10 minutes later looking dishevelled yet satiated* i'm sorry , what was the question??? - Marissa

never in a million years- Nate

Im offended!no its never good as the real one.ARGGH!!- SpaGGeTTi

Most certainly so.- 60ximanyD

that's just like asking if a mental kick up the ass is as good as a real one. I wonder what the answer will be?- evaroony

Ooh, nothign is ever as good as a real one! - Elf Muncher

yes i say yes!- JeeJEE

nope- UNoWho

absolutely not- LittleBit

not at all, it's more difficult to return!- crushed_eyeliner

yes - samantha

Oooh..DC wanna spank me? Ill take any type of spanking from DC. - Poopie Diaper Head

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