if you had no other choice but to take a shit in the kitty litter... would you bury it afterwards?

yes- Harmie*Kins

Of course. Then I'd purr.- baindread

Of course you must bury your treasure- Ninja

nah...as far has everyone else its concerned, the cat did it. that big oone. with stripes.- frazicus

no i wouldnt hide such a piece of art..shit is beautiful.- I dont know what the fuck to say...

Of couse.- Fido Dido

Nope. I'd eat it.- Kotary

When the planet is covered in kitty litter I will enthusiastically obey the customs of our sublime rulers.- Enfante Terrible

Of course. that's what the kitty litter is for anyway, right? I mean if I was going to take a shit and not burry it, then I might as well just take a shit in my pants or on the kitchen floor. - Syko Morgana

No. I would put it in a clear plastic box and mount it on a stand in my front yard for all to see. Let the police come. I am proud.- FartMonkey

To get rid of the smell,yes...but i dont own cats or like cats.......and why would i EVER shit in cat litter...i have neighbors lawns to do that in!- Nate

hell no, cats never bury their shit, why should I?!- www.chaoticamusic.com

yes- animan1

Hmmm good question indeed. I'd hafta go with not burying it. I would intead throw it in the garbage.- Torzy

probably- chuffa

yes, must lock in odors!!! MUST LOCK IN ODORS!- mommy they're laughing at me

I would. Then I would make my cat dig it out with a pooper-scooper. But not jsut any pooper-scooper...the "PRINCE OF FUCKIN DARKNESS" pooper-scooper that is seen on the birthday episode of 'The Osbournes.' that is a bad-ass pooper-scooper...mmm....hyphens....- ANthraxboY

Yes Yes I would- Vicious

Meow!?- Omuletzu

nope i would show it off to all my friends - homoeroticus

no, I would use it as evidence that there is a giant cat haunting my neighbourhood, and make lots of money off stupid dipshit people who don't have the mental capacity to think out that it is all a hoax.- Fish

nope- Claws

nope...Id wait until my parents came home and then Id fling it at them, for making me look like such a dork when I was a child, with those big foolish bows in my hair. *walks to the kitty litter box, drops pants with evil grin* I'll show them whos a dork!- monkeeskittles

i think it's only polite to.- Miss Roger's Sweater

when it sarted to smell yeah- catchersmitt

no..umm*blanks out**is sooo confused*- SG*

of course- DC

probably- firefly

Yes, so the cat would come back and stand in it.- One-fiddy_Ez

>.< iŽd spend hours searching for an alternative!- shinya

Yes- Dragonesse

No I'd take it home for analysis- Rocky

I think I might just take a shit on your bed instead.- Pokey

no i don't wanna touch shit. duh.- meagnolia

no i would leave it sitting there for other people to look at- laz

no way, I know to many people who would die from the sight and smell, hehe, good idea- Coza

nope- DiSaStEr_ChiLd

yes. my cat would take severe exception to such a grievous breach of hygene- The Fool

Yeah- Me

hell yeah if my cat can shit in the toilet and then flush it so as not to leave it reeking there and attracting all the flies and shit, surely burying my own shit isn't too fucking much to ask.- SiNiSTaR

Yes, of course. If I didn't then the cat might come to take a crap and find mine, thinking it was his and he'd already been. Then the cat would become constapated and start vomiting up feces all over the lounge. - Nelson

Absolutely. The cats are stupid. They wouldn't suspect me if i buried it. They'd suspect the other cats. - Angelfish

Yes, I'd even make a mountain out of the litter like my kitty does. I think she gets bored so she plays in there like it's a sandbox. We'd probably have a sandcastle (or littercastle) making contest--I'm sure she'd beat my ass. - McDiablo

No, I'd get the little scoopy thing and clean it out so my cat didn't get scared.- Mzebonga

No way. Think of the hilarity if a family member saw a huge steaming turd in the kitty litter! They'd put the cat down due to freak excretory problems! And I hate cats anyway so no shame there.- Barclay


no. I would throw it.- Hatty

probably - blank

no- sicky

i would bury it right on that damn backstreet boy i have burried in the back yard- monkie boy

no whats the point fuckin cats don't half the time- Brabuss

when it comes down to that, the takeover should be complete so there will be no questioning by humans of the cat's rules. we will all bury it.- pieyetic reuptake

wellll, geez, it's the least i could do. i'd be sure to take the cat out first though, then i'd have to bury the cat too - Marissa

hell no its the cats problem now!- Nate

i have to be truthful, yes i would, id bury it after.I really dont know why, i thinks its my inner kittyself.hmmm...- SpaGGeTTi

Flies deserve just as many rights as we're priledged to have, so no - I would let the flies devour it.- 60ximanyD

Well what type of shit is it? is really big, so big that you can't pretend that you did'nt do it , then yes. If it's really gross then i'll probably throw it at someone's face without burying it.- evaroony

Yes, must hide evidence.......meow- Elf Muncher

shouldnt this be a what-if?i mean really...just because you dont put 'what' in front of the sentence doesnt mean it dont have the same meaning..right?im so right and so unliked right now...oh- JeeJEE

YES!! fuck!!- UNoWho

of course!....then it blends in with everything else- LittleBit

there might not be enough litter to cover my shit, people shits are bigger than cat shits. but if there was enough, i guess so.- crushed_eyeliner

yes- samantha

If you took a piss in your toilet, would you flush? I hope so. I will burry my shit.- Poopie Diaper Head

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