there is blood on the pavement... what DO you do?

Not Care- Harmie*Kins

Lay down in the blood to see if I can recreate the scene of a crime, with me as the victim.- baindread

Insert a tampon- Ninja

wonder how i missed that minor technicality...damn. now...wheres that bleach...?- frazicus

well first i would stand on top of making sure no one could see it and ask all walker byers for a tampon. - I dont know what the fuck to say...

Run. It's probably the same blood on this chainsaw I'm holding.- Fido Dido

Pour a little bleach on it and wipe my cheek all over it, then smear it all over my neighbor's wall with my cheek- Kotary

Pretend to slip and fall on it and sue the city for not putting up a caution sign.- Enfante Terrible

I leave it there. This way none of the bratty children come over on my property, in fear that they may end up being a part of those stains.- Syko Morgana

Get naked and roll in it. Then I would light myself on fire and jump off the nearest cliff, and if there are pumpkins for sale along the way, I would take as many of em as I could off the cliff with me.- FartMonkey

If no one is around...i might just taste it,then i would see if there is anyone nearby that is injured- Nate

grab the closest senior citizen and force them to lick it up while spanking them.-

invite an enemy over to add to it- animan1

I look around and then pull up my sleaves to make sure the slits on my wrists haven't re opened.- Torzy

walk over it- chuffa

follow it till i find the sadistic group sacraficing a virgin and tell them she had sex with me and it was the best lesbian sex anyone could have watched!!!- mommy they're laughing at me

lick it up. Then, after everyone is done staring at me, I ask if anyone knows who it belongs to. As they are about to answer I scream, "IT'S MINE YOU INSOLENT FOOLS!!!! AND YOURS WILL BE MINE TO!!!!" I then strip and run to the nearest 7-11.- ANthraxboY

Walk away quickley. Pretending the who time I did not do It.- Vicious

"I'm singing and dancing in the bloooooood!"- Omuletzu

i look down and wonder if sombody died. then lick it up- homoeroticus

lick it up.- Fish

Piss on it- Claws

Theres blood on the pavement? *looks down* OWWWWWWWWWWW! i got a boo-boo on my knee, *sniffle* That damn bicycle, who ever made up such a dumb contraption? *starts to cry* OUCHIES!!! I need a bandaid! Wait, Im not bleeding. *Follows trail of boold behind bushes* OH MY GOD! SOMEONE KILLED BARNEY! *shocked expression* Now whos gonna buy my alcohol?- monkeeskittles

grab a bottle of coke and take a swig and then pour the rest on the blood which will clean it all up. and in turn burn out my insides.- Miss Roger's Sweater

Look and then walk away- catchersmitt

get on my knees and lick it up- SG*

well first i lick... and then i just keep on licking...- DC

look at it then walk away- firefly

I take my finger, get some on it, then lick it to get the great taste of blood and the possibility of AIDS- One-fiddy_Ez

blood... hell, i wanna drink some!^^- shinya

Ummm, pretend nothing happened-- and make sure I got it all off myself, too. Sorry, guess I shouldn't do this while I'm hungry. . . - Dragonesse

Take it home for analysis- Rocky

Well Ill just kill more crying babies with my baby masher so that the whole sidewalk is red, that way it wont look like blood.- Pokey

for sure no blood? holy shit i killed satan!b i killed satan?! i killed satan! - meagnolia

keep on walking- laz

Lick it all off, mmmm blood, Hey look theres a knife, just think I can get blood from myself right now, MMMM,,, blood- Coza

lick it- DiSaStEr_ChiLd

laugh at the person lying in the middle of it.- The Fool

Run- Me

get down on my hands and knees and lick it and lick it with all my might... hoping that it's still fresh and that no one else has tried licking it because blood on the pavement is okay but blood and someone else's spit mixed with blood on the pavement is not good.- SiNiSTaR

Get a straw and attempt to suck it up. If a drop is wasted, god gets quite irate.- Nelson

Look for a body. If there is no body, then i would look for a wound. If there is no wound, i would look for a kool-aid stand, 'cause it's probably kool-aid. Or syrup. Or i'm bleeding, in which case, i would probably not notice, and continue dripping blood on the pavement and looking for a kool-aid stand from whence it came. - Angelfish

I'd check to see if anyone is using it and lick it up. You see, I can never have too much blood seeing that the stupid Biomedical labs of British Columbia probably have a wall devoted to the blood they've taken out of me. Of course, there is a chance that licking this blood could give me HIV or some other unwanted disease ... hmm, to lick or not to lick....?- McDiablo

Buy the girl some tampons...- Mzebonga

Blame the women. They bleed 12 times a year, and in my opinion you shouldn't trust anything that bleeds for 5 days and doesn't die.- Barclay


look for the bleeder...then drink his blood....- Hatty

lick it- blank

stare and it for a while and try to wierd pictures out of them and walk away.- sicky

put some cows near the blood stain and make it look like they did it- monkie boy

Wonder who has bin kicked shit out of and at the same time be upset that i had missed the action- Brabuss

pick it off with a nail-file just like a scab and eat it, of course.- pieyetic reuptake

i can't do anything, it's my blood, i'm dead...- Marissa

scream, make a ruckus and walk away once a crowd has gathered- Nate

id point at it and say "look there is blood on the pavement", then to relize that i was alone id sulk and slowly back away from the blood to fall backwards down a hill. Then have a bunch of pedestrians come over and point and laugh at me unconicously lay in pool of my own blood and then they'd notice the blood on the pavement and point and laugh at it also... i hate pedestrians.- SpaGGeTTi

Sit down atop it and watch the clouds go by, muttering various phrases from the bible.- 60ximanyD

walk around it of cousre and then making sure I didn't get any on my shoes i'll stick my arm in it to get out of school.- evaroony

run away liek a little girl screaming, "They killed my master, they killed my master"- Elf Muncher

lick it off with my trusty hot tounge YAYYHHOO!!- JeeJEE

Look at it and wonder where it came from as I walk away.- UNoWho

step over it....turn around and stare...think of what might have happened that the blood is there...and then point it out to a complete stranger walking by...and tell him what i think happened- LittleBit

take in my stride, there is always blood on my bathroom carpet. - crushed_eyeliner

looka around and see if i can find the sorce of te blood- samantha

Id laugh and act like I didn't see it. Lying to my self usually works, this will prevent me from having to clean it up.- Poopie Diaper Head

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