so you're speeding through a corn field and you realize that there is no point to having fruit in the jello... what do you do with your life now that you know the truth?

I would have to spread the truth, that we've been living a lie... <sob> it's still hard to <sniff> deal with... oh god, all those years, wasted... I think I need therapy... but I must spread the Truth! <breaks down into fits of tears>- Fido Dido

WHY GOD???!!!! WHY!!???? I think I'm going to go home and shoot myself in the head. Who could have thought?- MeowMix

I'd be happy that I would no longer have to deal with those mushy grapes that come in that shitty store bought fruit salad that is always added to the jello.- Feckur

I'd kill myself. I wouldn't have any other option. - Big Philly Dawg

I eat trifle... Because trifle is like jello but isn't jello. So trifle is the answer to this qestion because trifle is all we have left. Without trifle or jello. We are nothing. I want jello. I am Rod Hull. I am him!!! I want my green jelly!!- Mzebonga

first im gonna drive bkwatds so that time rewinds and i forget that i realised the'truth' coz i like fruit in JELLY except peaches they make me gag!- Umbungo


Oh Buddha I jump off the cliff and fly away to Columbia, where I work for a drug lord and slowly steal all of his money.- shoooooogaaaaahhh

bite the Prime Minister . . . That'll teach him to make my Jello fruity for no reason!!!! Then I'll need to clean my mouth out with industrial strength soap . .. Politicians taste like shit.- Fish

There's no point in having fruit in the jello?!?!?!?!? My god! Its true! Damn! I just spat my jello all over the keyboard! DC, now would be the time for me to find one of those plastic keyboard coverings you keep talking about. I think I'd drive my car into the cornfield to end my midggoriea nfgasghfvhiaghnvgihgbbv z rg- Waxter

Corn doesn't digest. It's still all lumpy and yellow in your poop. And you should put potatos in your jello. Mmmmmmmm, Spud Jello with whipped Onion and Chive cream.- Fergus O'dimbal

i'd look for 'he who walks behind the rows' before i believe any of that shite...if he can clarify it then i guess i could go buy a jackhammer and become a professional jack hammer-er..- SiNiSTaR

i would run around the corn field making crop circles just so i could make it on the evening news.. but the crop circles would say things like "wear your underwear on the outside of your clothes" just to confuse the heck out of humans..- Miss Roger's Sweater

No, I floor it because I've just gone off the highway into the corn field to get away from the cops and avoid a road block. Then I'm going to head for Mexico and live in exile. If I don't make it I'll drive off the edge of the Grand Canyon like Thelma and Louise.- Mzebonga

gay car 8 times, and while im flipping i relize there is a point in having the fruit in the jello, it makes it chunkier and fruitier. so now im dead for no reason.- w33nkie.

well obviously my pineapple jello is now worthless, so i guess me and my jello will go somewhere we're more appreciated...somehwere without cornfeilds.- frazicus

WHAT!!!! theres no point to having fruit on the jello!!! what???? oh dear body shaking. Why god why did you keep this secret from us all the time???? Oh hell is coming to earth now *trembles* ahhhh its the old lady again!!!!!!!!!! she'll get me, don't let her get me!!!!!! please dont let her!!! ill be good i promise!! i wont question why there are no *ZAP* .................................... now i am dead. all because of damn jello!!!!!!! and fruit!!!!!!!!- I am frank

I would spend the rest of my life speeding through corn fields unlocking other mysteries of the universe. After each day spent in a cornfield, I would write it all down in a little book and bury it under the back porch. Years later, when they're tearing down my home and exuming all the bodies I buried there also for a strip mall, someone would find it and my legacy would continue. - bunky

continue looking for the truth to the aliens in the cornfields- Ninja

this is just a no good answer...- AnthraxBoy

get rich and what the hell jello is tonnes of fun fun fun in the sun sun sun- Sally

there is a point of having fruit in the tastes good.Also i dont speed through corn fields, thats illegal, ALSO!i would be eating the corn not running past all the yellow delicious knobs, just waiting for me to bite in.ALSO!to prove this question is a piece of crap!There is no truth in life!- hi

Stunned at having spontaneously crossed this critical threshold of simplicity, my ego spills out of "me" across the horizon. I weep and laugh uncontrollably. The feeling is as if I have never been truly alive until now. I have also soiled myself yet, like a newborn infant, I do not conceive of, and therefore do not feel, dirty. I am just another organic tube in the cosmos, functioning with or without fruit suspended in the gelatinous plane of physical existence. As a result of this profound reverie, "I" have lost all ambition that follows ego, and collapse, in the middle of the corn field, convulsing in violent orgasms of spiritual ecstacy. Then I get up to puke and start tripping even harder.- Enfante Terrible

throw myself to the floor at high speed as an attempt 2 end it- lolly

get the fuck out of the cornfield and spread the word.- fishtopher

If I am speeding through this cornfield in a car, I would of course get out with the car running and inhale fumes directly from the exhaust pipe until I had some type of cerebral hemmorhage and became deceased, all the while ranting on the subject of how the Jello has been using me all my life.- FartMonkey

I write an essay that wins the Noble Peace Prize because my relivation has solved world hunger since all that jello fruit, that no one wants, can feed the masses. And then I use the money I got from the Nobel Prize to buy a section of highway and a lawn chair so I can sit there all day and wave to everyone who speeds by with a fake speed radar.- Cirrus

Sock monkey in jelly. Sooooooooooooooock Monkey.- Flabba the Slut

I'd have to go home after finish running through the corn field..take out all my jello packs in my home..then go to everones house take there jello..then go to the grocery stores..take all the jello..blow up the jello factorys, Perventing anymore jello people from creating pointless things on this earth...then take all the jello, Hi-jack a couple planes..take the jello to northwest territorys..(..i dont even remember what im talkin bout just typin away)oh well..guess after that id bury it underneath the snow..and well i guess problem solved and thats what my life would be like if there want a point of having fruit in the jello but as we all know there is a point..(to steal our money of course, with some over-priced senseless product we could do ourself..cept everone is to fucking lazy)...mmmm - DamnMyBeauTy

I rejoice and then dive into a vat of fruit free jello....- Fridge-Ass

First of all, I'll take the boxes of Jello I just so happen to have in my pocket and burn them 'cuz it's all lies, dammit....LIES LIES LIES. Ahem. Then, since I am already in the middle of a corn field, I'll set up my home amongst the home being a box. Miss Roger's Sweater will be right next to me in her shopping cart busting a move--a sort of ritual dance, I suppose, for the destruction of Jello and Bill Cosby's unemployment. *sigh* Poor Bill..he was an innocent in all of this...- McDiablo park my over to the grocery store then tell them the truth bout the fruit in jello ..then the rest will fall in place and the making of the fruit in jello will never be spoken of and made again.- makAeYa

sleep through the giant invasion of the little people, periodically saying "EEP!" in my sleep, while wondering why i never had fruit in jello in the first place.- foetish

well. i'd prolly try and crash my car immediately but since i'd be in a corn field i wouldn't succeed. so i'd stop and take out the fruit, and continue eating the jello. no point wasting perfectly good jello. then i'd go to the nearest grocery store and buy more jello. and i'd make it, but leave the fruit out. because there'd no longer be a point to putting it in.- hollow

jump off a bridge commiting suicide while screaming the fruit it doesnt have to be in the jjjjjjeeeeeeeeelllllooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- butthead

try finding other things to put in the jello, like gremlins- BillyGoatJoe

umm... pray to the satanic gods that it makes an earthquake, i fall through, burn to death and then come back as a firey (duh) red demon.- insanity crises 420

Jerk off while crying- poopy jo

Stop the car and get out. Take granny out of the car and begin to dance gazing into her eyes and wondering why peter pan never killed her.- Beatrix

Is that the truth? Damn! I wish I was never born!!!!- Omuletzu

Blame my parents for telling me thoses evil and deceptive lies. Realize that there are no daylight savings time elves and that i am actully 20 years old with no high school or any other education and become one of those burnt out people who guard local parks and yell at kids for bugging the pigeons.- the_lady

I stop and bury myself in the corn. - Phoebe

i sit...think for a wee bit as to why exactly i am speeding through a cornfield and what the cause of the speeding is. if its a rather nice audi with a 4.2 litre engine (out in right hand drive in britain in the out for it!) i will drive it to the autobahn...rake it about at very high speeds with a bumper sticker saying 'its lies all lies...fruit in jello is good' because theres no way it cant be good. youre lying to me...and its upsetting me...stop...stop...*breaks down*. bastards. - wee jen jen

i still keep the fruit in the jello...i'd eat the jello first. then i'd leave the fruit in the jello until i realise i like fruit again. but before i do all that i will first stop in the corn field and used my portable crop circle maker and make a crop circle with the most bitch assed design so that no idiotic wannabe scientist can rule out the fact that this was extra terrestial. then i'd steal all the corn i needed, and make sure i have enough to feed a colony of dumb idiotic asses who hang on my every word and make me their ruler. that way i'd never have to worry about fruit or jello, because they'd make me any damned coloured jello i want and i could have any fruit i wanted also. - Bearded

tell the basterds and bitches that i was right and they were wrong- stupid bitch

what? what do you mean there's no point to fruit jello?of coarse there is. its just one of life great mysteries that the giant gelitan uyp in the sky set out there for us to have something to strive for in life. you spea heracy. you dies. burn the witch!- meagnolia

shove a corncob up my ass- deter

oh jeezis.. what would YOU do?? hMMMMMmmm???- sheniqua

I run around screaming that there is no god and i run around punching people, awarding myself points. I then realize that i hate fruit in jello, so i then run skipping throughout the field with joy. Fruit in jello is evil.- Mandy

I blame my mother for lying to mefor all those years.- LubisKo

I spread the word by using flashlight code and tell the intelligent beings from the other planets to be aware and cautios to the individual jellow packages, They are evil!- bobs penis tassle holder

You kick it up a notch and put some vegetables in the JellO.- Richard

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