damnit all there is to eat is soup and damn pizza pockets... i can't take it anymore
what's in your fridge for me?

leftovers- liz

I have pickles, corndogs, ketchup and cheesewhiz. Would you like to have a picnic?- MeowMix

well last month when i brutally murderd that fat red haired japenese man i saved some of the parts for my collection. I would be happy to share his ears with you, and be happy theyre not even starting to mold yet!!- Franky the one-armed midget

meat which none of you would like, milk,frittata,frozen chips,icecream,jam,vegemite,cordial - you could make something out of that couldn't you?- Sally

cold soup and cold damn pizza pockets- Slurpee

Shhhhh... Don't tell the cops but it's my family. But they've been cut into small pieces. Would you like a piece of Grandma?- Mzebonga

SOup and pizza pockets, sorry- shortymac83

Chocolate mousse, beer, Steak, beer and a cooked chicken......will that do??- Hev

fuck that..you starve- billy bob

Shit, I appreciate you thinking I had food. - LubisKo

human heads, fingers, toes.- syko morgana

we've got lumps of it round the back *eye twitches*- popedoug

Er... blood, cheese, raw steak, oh and a tomato but I think that belongs to my flatmate.- TwistedSoul

green furry animals! I grew em myself their pretty tasty too! With a lil tabasco sauce and warmed up in the microwave- BoBsPeNiS

Potatos- Fergus O'dimbal

Sock Monkey pieces and Peanut Oil thanks to your suggestion.- Flabba the Slut

if i wasnt living inside of a giant piece of cheese anymore then i would sell you some old leather shoes . . . you could eat those you dumbass- FALILV

Hold on, let me check....hmm, do you like pickle juice? I hear it's delicious and nutricious....how about really old salad dressing? Oh, you're looking for something more solid, are you? Why is there Nutella in the fridge?? *chucks it out the window* Heeeey, here's something that's really good...a human hand perfectly preserved in a jar. I hope you're a cannibal--mmmm, put a little barbeque sauce and sour cream on it and it tastes like chicken. Really!!!- McDiablo

A bowl of shit.- thanatophyte

pizza flavored soup.- AnthraxBoy

Well there's some good ol' meat n potatoes if you want some meat on those bones! But, if you're really brave, then there are some containers in the very back, that um have been there for quite some time...*shudder*- Swanky

do you like mashed potatoes? cuz i've had em all week.. i even got a note from my aunt saying "there are potatoes in the fridge the green things in it are onions don't pick them out!" i'm 18 darn it and i'm still told to not pick out the green things. they were yummy too.- Miss Roger's Sweater

eggs.- Kreepie

Ice cream. I always have ice cream. It goes well with everything from carrots to coffee and oatmeal. It's inexpensive and easy to eat. If you eat it straight out of the package, all you need to wash is the spoon. Also, you can make a milkshake out of it. It cools you when it's a hot day and if it's a cold day, you can still eat it when you start a fire in the fireplace. - freestyler

i think i have a hammer in my freezer.- Randy

My mom's vaginal pads and some batteries...- R Dire

ummm, lets see here...... there's a lot of fish here, and various entrails from certain species that i'm not at liberty to divuldge at this point, for fear of incriminating myself- Dolpha

Nothing. You can't have anything from my fridge.- Sophie

Janet Reno & Pee Wee Herman are in there performing various sexual acts on top of the moldy turkey, take yer pic kid......- Dolpha

some green stuff that lost its label...but anyway, being green, it must be healthy...you know what they say, eat more greens....- SiNiSTaR

Nothing really, but you can eat the moldy cheese in my dresser drawer if you're that damn bored- Blunt

i have a few heads of lamb- IT"S A SECRET

eat me! eat me! although im not chilled like the people in my 'fridge' i have this peanutty taste and the smell of almonds....- monkeyflags

i have a giraffe in my freezer..- keglineq

...Ice... meth oil (kidding)- not a goth

Dr. Pepper and Beer assorted leftovers.- imp

An elephant left footprints in by butter....i killed it, its urs if u want it- jonut

some lima beans, squash, some thick yellow stuff coming out of a japenese girl's pussy- kat

Fat-free chocolate brownies!- bananamanda

Well, there's a lovely severd leg, it's got some age to it but I'm sure it's still good. - OmegaClarinet

nothing of any value to a crazed sock monkey on the edge of starvation trust me don't try many uh great sock headz have died infront of my empty fridge- Sk8erGecko

pizza pockets!! throw them away u evil sock-monkey-thinghy.well in my fridge would be probably crunch or fruit corners ummm REAL PIZZAS,beer,coke whatever ui can afford but did u know with 50p intescos u can buy a feast for 4 people which includes 24pack o crisps,lemonade,biscuits and sumfin else i dunno what.- punk_not_poser

you keep soup in the fridge?- C beezus

truck stop sushi- Ninja

Lets see there is... BZZZT THE ABYSS OF ETERNAL PAIN AND SUFFERING BZZZT ...ham, chicken, eggs... BZZZT FEAR, TORMENT, A SEA OF BLOOD BZZZT ...some sort of sandwich, something in a blue container that expired a few years back... BZZZT DEATH, DESTRUCTION, MURDER, KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL BZZZT ...something in a red container with a biohazard symbol... BZZZT ROTTING CORPSES BZZZT ...some cake... BZZZT BARBERA STRISAND BZZZT ...hey! my sock monkey is in here!... BZZZT BZZZT- GENO

6fingers,3legs,2skulls, a shoulder and a half a grundle- snarf

Something I like to call capalashlogan. Its a mixture of red jello, chocklate pudding, and orange juice. You let it sit for 3 weeks and watch it grow. When it attacks you for opeing the firdge THATS when it ready. - Mistofflies

a head- ricidulous

What's a fridge.- chip

Half a hockey player, next Tuesday and a 1982 packet of radishes.- Witto

Call it my Mother's fridge. I have no say in that matter. She's a "Wild Oats" whore whose fridge houses almond milk, home made tortillas, wellness water and lettuce wraps. Shot me now please.- SararararararS

Frozen cane toads my brother collected for 50 cents a-piece.- ZOT

stale bread, some pickles and some uncooked pasta.... maybe we can whip up something together and use the whip afterwards.........:)- peachikins

John Bobbit's Manhood- F.T.L.

umm an apple.- AMP

I don't have one- mors

cow fecese- orion

well i don't know whats in your fridge but i will take your pizza pockets and shove them up barneys aass- butthead

anything you want i have a wide varity of yummy things to eat!no- ibejustpeachy

Week old cake, flakey home made biscuits, flat creaming soda and some chocolate that looks like its been there since before i was born- neville

Graprefuits, lots of soda, some leftovers at the back that may be hazardous to your health, plus a lifetime supply of caramel for dipping apples in (but I never actually dip any apples in it, I just eat it plain).- Lizard

Hey i like those damn pizza pockets...but hmm lets seee i've got some sharp chedder and tuna...miracle whipp and some sour dough.- evilbunniesfromthefurturewilldestroyusall

um pudding and actual pizza, i mean geez, ooh and about anyhting you could ever want to eat besides cheeze or other evil food- gatto

u can have some mustard? or that thing in the bowl thats covered that i havent seen in ages....or u can have some jam- mono

Dunno...feel free to browse around but you might have to kill it first. - Chaiz

Soup? Pizza Pockets? Why are you complaining??? That's a feast! Will you share it with me? Please please please please please!!- sarinie

dammit janet! my fridge is also empty... hang on a mo... methinks theres a food stealing monster aboot. RUN FOR YOUR WIVES! i'm scared. hold me close.- Fido Dido

Sur strömming. That's rotten fish if you don't know it.- jessie

Raw meat.- Omuletzu

old underwear, three year old preservatives, and condaments- Brett

milk, ham, cheese, vegetables, juice, shrunken heads, fruit, eggs, corpses of karate victims, lettuce, coffee, chocolate, that little man who turns the light on...and of couse, left overs. that sort of thing. - frazicus

sardines- popedoug

ice- Mystic Murray

Me- Fish

hey, pizza pockets are damn good....and why should i give you anything out of my fridge? but maybe if you ask nicely....- EvilSara88

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