how often do you go about nailing things to the wall while not wearing underpants?

Oh only on tuesdays and sundays- Ninja

Never! It's not safe for the wall.- Omuletzu

Im not allowed to wera underpants... so suprising often... you see underpants are the work of the devil... just think about it if nobody wore underpants their would be no hate, no wars, no murders, no stealing, no poverty, no jealousy, no peanut butter, and most of all the the underwear gnomes would have no underwear to steal so they would sodimize us as we sleep instead.... sodimize.... YAY!!!- Yoda..... is that you???

Pretty much all the time, it's part of my act as a travelling cabaret.. I also dance half-naked upon the dismembered corpse of the most stupid person in the auidence. I then get chased out of town by the person's relatives.- Fido Dido

all the time that is when i feel the most comfertable.- frizzy

Well damn put a camera in my room why don't ya. I just nailed my Cyndi Lauper poster O got on ebay for 50 cents up today. I will be damned if i didn't have a inch of underpants on. - Mistofflies

who said I had to nail things to walls while not wearing underpants? I don't wear underpants all the time...for everything I do..even when I dance the Can-Can at the local country bar...- ANthraxboY

I never wear underpants.- Mzebonga

Almost Never- Dudeman

Never, since I accepted Jesus into my heart. Halleluiah! "...and the Lord boiled the unholy carpenters in Lucifer's urine, for they knew the outergarments of their trade and upon them had spilled their seed."--Psalms 00:01- Enfante Terrible

All the time. In fact, it's mostly my underpants I'm nailing, except it's usally to the ceiling (true story). But it can get anoying when the floor underneath starts to rot from all the drips (untrue story). Well, what can we do but smoke pot and drink tequila (true story). Actually, I think that happened before the whole underwear thing. Damn that pot! It's screwed up my memory. I'll stop smoking it now (untrue story). Sorry, what was the question again? I've forgotten (the depressing thing is, I dont't know if that story is true or not. Psychic please!)- Waxter

three times a day. It is a great source of exercise, and far cheaper and safer than many other sports . . . especially those involving the wearing of underwear *shudders* . . . perish the thought- Fish

Whenever my girlfriend is on her period. tacks are good too- Mystic  Murray

ahh..finally a question i can relate to! well any chance i get to nail things which id have to say its a 3-4 times a week sorta thing for me. I rip of the panties and get down to some nailin...psst.. i even sometime dont wear my gurdle.. - SuperFlyHaMstray

you'll have to contact my lawyer.- shopping cart

I don't nail, I screw- Babyfreak

Not often. I can't think clearly when I don't have my underpants on. My hands would be cut and bleeding from jamming nails in them by accident. I won't even GET to how much my IQ drops when I'm not wearing a bra.....- McDiablo

not often. i find it easier to instead rip already nailed things off walls whilst wearing underpants on my head.- frazicus

Pretty good, thanks.- insanitycrises 420

Well, it's all I really do...except when I have to go someplace, like to the grocery store, I have to wear underpants while I nail things to the walls, or I will probably get arrested...but I will probably get thrown out for nailing things to the walls no matter how I am dressed...curse those anti nudity laws- FartMonkey

well after an infortunate accident in which a beloved body part got stick top christina agularia's nipple i have made shur to have steel underwhear on every time.- muckiechild

depends if anything needs nailing in the first place... i do lots of things without my underpants on, cooking, gardening, fixing my car, grocery shopping. i get lots of things for free when i go shopping, i don't know why, people just look at me funny and say "'s ok honey, that's on me..." of course besides having no underwear my face is usually tear-stained too... i do all those things while crying too... it's fun.- SiNiSTaR

Often...just the other day I was nailing a hampster to the wall, and I had no was very unconfortable.- weirdDAR

Well, I never wear underpants. I find nailthings into the wall takes up to much time which I have enough to waste, so I just kind fo hammer them into it- Retarded Monkey Queen

Once or twice a year atleast.- GoTh_DeV

Im not going to awnser that kind of question until there is a ring on this finger mister!- LubisKo

I like to do it on Thursdays, for some reason my neighbor does it too, he watches me through the window, and I watch him..We kind of like have this quiet little bond for those few hours, because we both know were enjoying nailing things to the wall while not wearing underpants. It's almost beautiful. - Syko Morgana

like 2-3 times a month (litterally)- SG*

more often than you may think, as we arctic ass monkeys consider walls sinful, and we do have wall punishment sessions, by beating them regularly, and also nailing small vegetables to them while prancing happily in the nude. this proves to the unrighteous walls that we arctic ass monkeys do indeed control all, and any dissent from the walls will not be tolerated. - queen of the ass monkeys

Well, the elastic gets stuck on the claw of the hammer, so sometimes it's a necessity- bionic butch

when ever the jobs needs to be done- Jeeves

every Thursday, 3:00-5:40 pm- Not Napoleon Bonaparte

I gave that up years ago. Blu-tac works so much better and it doesn't make a hole in the wall.- Nelson

the last time i nailed something to the wall while not waering underpants, well... lets just say, i'm still attached to the wall, but the doctors are very hopeful and they even think i may regian full use of my perforated apendage- marissa

Not often. I always wear underpants when I nail things to the wall. Except that one time... but that was the nailgun, and it was late...- chemmay

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