if we paid you twenty dollars to make love to day-old bagel pieces... would you do it?

Only If i could eat out the bagels- Ninja

Hm... bagel orgasm, yum!- Omuletzu

pardon?!?... i missed that i was busy making love to a bagel- Yoda..... is that you???

No, because I am British, and therefore would only accept money in pounds sterling, or possibly just the bagels afterwards.- Fido Dido

for twenty dollers what do yuo think i am a bum of course i would if i had twenty dollers i would be rich , rich i say rich mwahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- frizzy

If I could wear a stearing wheel cover yes. - Mistofflies

Hell, I'd make love to 2 day-old donuts for 10...- ANthraxboY

Yeah, but no kissing.- Mzebonga

If you let me do it in private- Dudeman

No but, I'd screw that sock monkey for free. - Enfante Terrible

Love. A word that can be described, but never in a true way. Love. The ultimate feeling. Is love real? Yes. I believe it is. Ah love. Sweet, sweet love. Love makes the world turn round. Round. Like a bagel. Round and succulent, like an oyster. A sweet, juicy oyster covered in cream cheese... or maybe just cream... my cream... (oops, should probably clean that up shouldn't I?) Was it worth $20? What is the price of love? Love is priceless... But I must say, $20 was a pretty decent price. Damn it! Where has romance gone?- Waxter

only if the bagel pieces consented . . . and as long as they were covered in cream cheese . . . mmmmmmm . . . - Fish

Got anything more mature? Dough paedophilia is not my thing.....- Mystic  Murray

how sick! only a one day year old bagel..im not a child molester and i dont think my wife fluffy would like that eithat but that 20 bucks is hard to resist ..so id just trick you and say i didnt believe you owned 20 bucks being the fool you are will show me and i would do the old grab and run trick...- SuperFlyHaMstray

it only costs about four or five dollars to make love to the entire universe. so, no, I wouldn't rip you off like that.- shopping cart

Only if I could spread on cream cheese- Babyfreak

No way, how gross can you get? You guys have pretty sick minds and ... what? Twenty dollars AND a trip to Disneyland??? You damn right I'll do it!- McDiablo

no. bagels never did it for me. and certainly not day old ones. i think its that disconcerting bread pretending to be donuts concept.- frazicus

Hhhhmmm.... Yes, I need the money.- insanitycrises 420

Maybe, but honestly, I wouldn't know exactly how to go about making love to day old bagel peices...can you prove that they are old enough?- FartMonkey

hmmm. thats an interesting proposition. do i get to use cream cheese? and if so how much. and are there sharp hard bagel pieces or are they still soft and delicate?- muckiechild

You'll need to pay me a little extra because i know how to fuck day-old bagels but not to make love to them so you'll have to gimme cash to go to a special class to learn how. There IS a difference between fucking and making love you know.- SiNiSTaR

Yes, money is money- weirdDAR

I would have to sit down and look at the pros and cons of both sides of the situation. the pros would be I would get a lot of money and considering I am broke would be a good thing and I've always been attracted to bagel pieces the cons well I can't seem to think of any...would their be marshmellows watching?- Retarded Monkey Queen

No.- GoTh_DeV

Wow, twenty dollars!!! And all this time I been doing it for free!!!- LubisKo

I'd do it for free...Ooohh...yea...baby, baby, bagels. oh yes..stroke it for me bagel..stroke it, stroke it..OOOHH!!!!!! *has orgasm*- Syko Morgana

yeth cuz i love bagels they're sexy ^^- SG*

if they were ass monkey dollars, yes. (you can easily get hold of some ass monkey dollars by going to your local cheese jelly shop and saying the password " wilfred is the master of all that is arctic ass monkeys") and then yes i would indeed make sweet sweet love to your bagels. - queen of the ass monkeys

Yeah, but no sex toys- bionic butch

no but id give $15 for someone else to- Jeeves

that depends . . . is it mouldy yet?- Not Napoleon Bonaparte

Why not? That's a win/win situation. - Nelson

of course not!!!! i have very high standards, and these include ONLY making love to the very freshest of bagel pieces- marissa

Wait, but I've been doing it for free all these years... oh hell.- chemmay

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