do you yell 'get a job' at children? if not... why not?

yes..i shune uneployment no age an excuse- HoGZaReSpeCiaL

It's funny you should mention that, as just the other day, my tortoise escaped, and I was rushing all over town looking for it... Wait, what was the question? Um... Purple? Steve? Damn...- Fido Dido

I never yell at kids to get a job. I brand "Get a job" on their forehead so they see it every morning in the mirror and I beat them until they do or the police take them away from me.- Mzebonga

No, because I blame their parents and the class system for their burdensome proliferation. I just yell, "get away from me!", "shut up!" or "I know your mother and I'm going to tell her!" at them instead.- Your Lawyer

no because they are careless little children and would fuck up everything in the whole wide world anyway.- dizzy munkie

No. Last time I did that, the child was holding a knife to my throat and telling me to give him all my money. Now I can't tell kids to get a job. That little mugger cut out my tounge.- Waxter

No there isn't any point did you listen at their age? Look where you are now , you could have done so much better if only ....- Sally

I do because they just sit there all happy and crap and they are too happy and they need to be a little depressed so they know better for the future...i guess- SG*

We must all strive too serve the Lord.- Mattew/Mark/Luke/John

i dont. because i am a children- w33nkie

hell no it only makes them more bitter and twisted- Ninja

Yes, on every 2nd tuesday of the 4th month in 5 day sequences. If not the old men that tell me to get a job just to show them how immature those bastards really are.- Sk8erGecko

cause i don't have one- kate

Hell no. I need work, damn it.- A crazy Person

No, for this simple reason: I am a children.- FartMonkey

all the time- MrDrifta

yes- Skittles

Yes I do, cuz there All laze little fuckers who just dont understand just how much money it takes to feed there little bicth asses.- LubisKo

Because those kids have jobs, sucking your dick 24/7- weirdDAR

cuz it's always little kids who are yelling at me to get a job, and then i feel bad cuz i havent found a job yet. and then i just go get a slurpee and forget about it all.- Miss Roger's Sweater

Actually I yell, "I'm better than you and I have more money". Then I stick a box of condoms in their shopping cart when their parents aren't looking and run off laughing evilly.- McDiablo

I do but child porn is illegal- Mystic_Murray

Yes, but only when I'm drunk at the bus stop and the children are actually bushes.- Fantastic

No, I scream "I'm telling you, In 15 years you'll all be dead!!! Dead you hear me!! Dead!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!" And then begin sniggering insanely and stroking my sawn-off shotgun, waiting for my pot plant to tell me the time is at hand. Then we all jump into the beach buggy and drive away whilst eating large blocks of sentient cheese that is observing gazelles lecturing on the social dynamics of my pet rock melon.- The Fool

of course i do there brats no wait they arent brats they are rats wiht no tails and i dont think they should be living of my money no more i mean my son is 35 years old and still lives in the basement of my house i pack him a lunch when he goes to work when he had a job but he got fired from his job i mean how hard is it to work at the 7 eleven on 6th street still getting paid 6.75 so now that you now his situation do you think i tell him to go get a job of course i do i tell him to get the hell out and dont come back until he gets a job making 50 thousand dollers a year now i am done answering these questions i have gone over my thinking limit for today good bye- frizzy

well thats a tricky one i dont really yell at them i demand it of them and then force them into a computer desk to finish their measly lives while punching numbers into a computer - one armed midget

nope but i must start..why dont they have jobs?..we north americans so behind times behind..- JacKsurL

no because i yelled, "klondikes!!! 50 cents! Any one want a klondike!?"- bobspenistasselholder

No, because people yell 'get a job' at me.- Omuletzu

of course not, children are far to young to be concering themselves with the acquisition of work. i do, however, yell at them to immedialtely hunt down the nearest elf, clobber it over the head, drag it 100m or so down the road and simmer it nicely in a nice white wine. then consume. These things need to learned and instilled at an early age.- frazicus

Fuck yeah. Little bastards. If any of you kids are reading this: GET A JOB!!!- Sophie

Nah, I got my own kiddies to bitch at.- sheniqua

Yes. They give me a majick birdie.- insanity crises 420

I don't because they already have a job, and that is to annoy the hell out of me. - SiNiSTaR

yes, but only on special occasions... like when there was a bomb threat at the local bank and some kids were all walking on the sidewalk like they owned the titanic. stupid kids- Zero

door knobs and pine trees- pope doug

I yell a lot of things at kids. Not that but other things. Maybe I should start yelling that. Usually it's just "I DON'T CARE WHY YOU'RE IN MY WAY!!! I HATE YOU!! THERE'S A PLAN TO KILL YOU! SEE HOW YOU LIKE THAT!! HAH!" then when they cry I tell their moms it was that guy..yeah, that one over there...- FiFi

I don't want anyone THAT stupid being in a position where they have even the tiniest iota of responsibility, because if this really occurred then within a week the whole world would be a fucked up, teenybopper hell.- Fish

fuk yeah. my toddler pedals her 2 year old self on the street corner daily. oh and my kinder gardeners so cute. she'll show you her panties for a quater at recess. and jeeze the younger the better you get um working. i had my first child taking it up the ass from midgets at 6 month. there lazy ass better work.- meagnolia

no there to young- jocelynevans

Heck no!!!...I am a kid myself- jess

whats the point? i mean, why get a job when other people can do it and children can just be fat lard asses and do nothing, right?- BooBoo

No... this would assume I actually went outside in this hot as hell weather and actually saw these "children."- kiLLj0y

No because I am stupid and lazy, look at what site I am in and what I am responding to. I need employment.- Colonel

Being the child that I am, I refuse to yell at myself. People will think I am crazy. Then again, I do tell adults to go to their jobs, cause they have better things to do than yell at children and tell them to get jobs...mmm....anthrax *snorting noise*- ANthraxboY

Damn straight.- skippy

Sometimes I do. If they are playing with finger puppets, usually I do. Unless they are playing with monkey, turtle, kangaroo, or giraffe finger puppets. I have a soft spot for these kinds. If they are doing anything involving dinosaurs, I put some hay on the end of a pitchfork, light it on fire, and run screaming at them with it raised above my head. They scatter. It is fun to watch them scatter. I forget the pitchfork is on fire. It burns me and I have to get new hands. The new ones are made of concrete and they don't burn. Curse those authentic hands! Curse them!- FartMonkey

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