if ordered to 'go this way' by someone in a uniform but you were just a painting... would you go that way?

Just a painting? JUST a painting!- Ninja

Only if he promised me the money to pay for the surgery that will make me a real human being, then I would kill him... nobody controls my life, you hear!? NOBODY!- Omuletzu

NO....i would gouge his eyes out with spoons then force feed them to adorable kittens- Yoda..... is that you???

I will deliver my answer by way of parodying some lyrics of a well-known song.. "I never want to hear you say "I want you to go thata way"."- Fido Dido

of course not i am a painting what would i do just grow legs and walk away ha!!! Even rasbuureys dont grow legs and walk away so how could a painting? If i were a painting they would have to pick me up and move me that way unless i had esp or some mental powers and i am not refuring to turrets, i could fly that way and that of course would mean i would be a painting with a brain but any sane person knows that paintings dont have brains so i would relie on man to take me places i would be shoufered around like a king!!! - frizzy

Hmm, a tough one. It depends on the size of his pineapple. i have always been afraid of huge pineapples. Now small ones are fine but they get bigger then 7 inches I have to run. - Mistofflies

My "E" sticker tells me that by going that way I would be going the way of the F. And that would not be a good way because the "F" is a bad way to be. Stay away from that. Stay with "E." mmm....EEEEEEEEE!- ANthraxboY

Fuck no, I'd stay right where I was. Just to spite them.- Mzebonga

What?- Dudeman

If I were completely just a painting, with no awareness of myself or anything else, I'm sure that I would require some form of assistance,--a burly maintenance type or perhaps an orderly with a wheelchair. If, however, I was consciously "being a painting" it would depnd on such clarifications as: 1) Is it in the script for me to move when the uniformed person instructs me to move? 2)Am I, perhaps, unknowingly rehearsing my painting performance in an area that has been reserved for Star Trek convention goers only? 3) Is my "being a painting" an act of political resistance to my actually being a wage slave or some other injustice? Answers as follows; yes, yes and if they want to see the paintings move they'll have to tear down the wall they've nailed us to.- Enfante Terrible

Thought, thought, thought... I'm trying to put some thought into my answer here... oh thats right, I can't, I'm a painting. This way, which way? You can't tell me what to do you drunkard! I'll answer this when I damn well please, and I wont have you changing my lovley pastels and watercolours for your own damn uniformed purposes. I'm an individual I tell you! A unique Monet! I won't join your cause to turn everyone into boring gray sensationilist art and thus transform all the people of the world into your automotons! I'm tired! I'm pissed off! I HAVE GLANDULAR FEVER!!! If that's possible for a piece of canvas... AAh shaadaap!- Waxter

depends . . . if "that way" led to a dwarf being dunked in bearnaise sauce whilst eating a soccer ball then sure . . . - Fish

I would be suspicous that he was trying to frame me- Mystic  Murray

hell no!@#! im a rebel i dont take shit from no one...special some nazi suit wearing someone!!!also if i was a painting id be in the most beautiful pictures in the world gallary locked away under the highest security..i wouldnt be able to move anywhere..:(:(:(:(- SuperFlyHaMstray

the last time we ate there somebody's brat started throwing up all the way to the restroom and back. i stay away from those places.- shopping cart

It depends...am I Impressionist, abstract, or renaissance? In which case, going a certain way may pose possbility for harm to my frame vertebrae, and are they or aren't they in a mail service delivery guy uniform? You must get the facts straight first, you know.- Babyfreak

Of course not! I'm an abstract portrait and I can do as I please. No one dares to order me around. Besides, the idiot in the uniform was looking at my bum, thinking it was my head. But my head is actually where my bum would be, my arm where my leg would be and so on. Pssh, some people don't appreciate a master piece when they see one.....- McDiablo

of course. you have to obey people in uniforms you know. even if youre allegedly restricted by the laws of physics that say paintings should stay put. the law of uniforms is greater.- frazicus

Depends if it's vertical dance, or something else. Making love is an art... Right? *Looks around nervously*... Right??- insanitycrises 420

No. People in uniforms suck. Paintings do not obey, especially if you think they differ in value.- FartMonkey

of corse not. the jews were told to simply walk thisa way and ended up in gass chamber. besides even if i am just a painting i'm ovbiously highly intelligent if i ccan comunicate. unless of coarse i'm beng talk top by another painting. in that case i'll walk wher ever it tells me. - muckiechild

as a painting i'd be powerless to do anything at all, much less his bidding. For disobeying a man in uniform i'll be put in a lockup that was made especially for paintings and cost around $300 million to construct, thus wasting taxpayers' money, but hell, as long as the paintings are kept off the street that's a small price to pay, right?- SiNiSTaR

actually, I probably would...why? Because I get tired of sitting there on the wall all day. It's so fucking boreing. god damn!- weirdDAR

I would stand still, grab the uniformed person shake them until they pee on themselves, tell them I am their ruler and ask them what way do you want me to go?- Retarded Monkey Queen

Yeah.- GoTh_DeV

Look at him like hes an idiot and tell him to leave me alone and do something important like... catch the flying weed stealing hamsters for mars- LubisKo

No, I would have to tell him no..As much as I would like to go that way, im afraid I have an appt. with the Maggot Beef Pie man at 3:00 sharp.- Syko Morgana

no because i don't listen to strangers...- SG*

well, us ass monkeys believe that paintings are a tribute to the anti monkey, gilbert. therefore, we believe that paintings, (as well as walls) should be abolished forever. and sent to the eternal damnation of arctic ass monkey HELL if anyone told me to go this way who happened not to be in a sinful painting, then i would indeed not go that way because it would probably be a fascist anti arctic ass monkey conspiracy and they should be condemned to cabbage for the rest of their mortal days - queen of the ass monkeys

If I were a painting I would follow no orders- bionic butch

no i would go the other way, just for a bit of fun- Jeeves

Only if it led to a chainsaw with which I could cut off his stupid militaristic head- Not Napoleon Bonaparte

No. I would sprout frame legs and frame fists and punch the guy. - Nelson

i'd try... i'm not sure on the motive abilities of paintings, but i do try to obey instructions. not the i'm a mindless sheep or anything. baaaa. oh excuse me...- marissa

Only on Sunday, if there was a stiff breeze and my overalls were hemmed correctly.- chemmay

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