if your own shit tasted good, would you eat it?

No, I would stock up on it instead, then sell it to rich people by calling it caviar.- gone postal

Sure. It's my own stuff, right? It's not that disgusting. It's just stuff that went through your body? Do I hate my body? No. So why should I dislike anything that comes out of it, right?- Sodatab

hmm. a nice chocolate substitute for certain enemies- Ninja

no!- Sally

Would my shit have little bits of corn in it? If it did would it taste like that candy corn stuff you get on haloween? Candy corn is cool. So... yeah- Dazed o.O

Well hell yeah, think of all the grocery bills I'd save and the good semeritan awards I would get for recycling..But that's a dream, until I find something to eat that remains tasty I'll stick to feeding other pathetic losers my shit and making them smile about it..yeah you smile you insignificant little whore..you like momma's tasties dont ya?!- Kitten

no- gremlin

i eat enough shit already so more wouldn't hurt- keglineq

"Damn, so it really DOES taste like chocolate..."- McDiablo

Sure, why not. Shit is only thought of as disgusting because it's shit. It would be nice to prove them wrong, though I don't know how I would feel about that first initial bite. - Mandie

if there are no further questions, yes, yes i would.- Fido Dido

Hmmm depended on what it tasted like.. I mean if it was sometihgn really good yeah.. if not then nope!- NO TOUCHY

would i get a bottle of ketchup? cuz i can't eat anything that isn't covered in ketchup goodness...- Miss Rogers Sweater

of course! FREE FOOD! i would hope it would taste like chocolate, of course. but, you know, why does our shit HAVE to taste bad? there's good stuff in there, stupid body decomposing... oh, sorry got a little off topic there...- Canimeda

most likely. it would save money. id probably only have to eat 2 or 3 meals a week, then recycle from then on. i guess, from a green peace kind of view, it makes sence. its really the next logical step.- frazicus

as long as its corn free... yes- psychotic_freak

Of Course! It would make the perfect diet. Eating shit thats fat has already been consumed would help you loose weight.- MeowMix

no, because you'd still have to fish it out of the toilet. - Angelfish

No, but I'd feed it to my slaves.. then, feed them little its of candy that would make them implode at the touch of a button.. Muahahahahahahaha!!! Thwart.- TroubledPrey

hell no- Alish

... would?- Matamite

do i eat my wet pussy juice? Guys say that tastes good...- Insanity

That was a 'Futurama' episode...- Cirrus

of course, it would save me a lot of money and I then it would be a friendly reunion in the intestines department.- syko morgana

no- kudos

No, I'd sell it and make lots of money.- Mzebonga

It does taste good.- Fergus O'dimbal

Urgh!!! I guess.- Sophie

it depends on how much cum my boyfriend has left in him. if he ran out, i think i would eat my own shit.- Sya

No, I would eat DC- Flabba the Slut

sure- meagnolia

with a knife and a fork cause the smell stains fingers.And everything else taste like something else cause i'm sick of people thinking everything taste like chicken.- nuclear,biological,chemically imbalanced

You mean you don't?- Bilge

Can I have the remote back? It wasn't very nice of you to take it when I wasn't looking...- Ainera

only the sparkly kind... - MoooooooMooo

only if nuts are in it- scsi

If I had a can of whip cream, maybe. - nirojah

...What kind of stupid ass question is that? Hell no I wouldn't eat it. - Tubby!

well having passed high school biology, no. i know what it is and where it's been. it has no value and would probably mess up my liver.(god bless that organ)- Stupid Handle(aka Fancy Fork Flinger)

like mom used to make? HEY! ... now.... wheres the cream filling?- The X

no gawd... come on- Ishbul

No, it has toxins in it- Laura

no, i'd package it in brightly colored paper, and cut some ads featuring rich kids in loud clothing stuffing their faces with it. then i'd sit back and get rich while parents shell out the big bucks to buy their bratty kids my shit,just cuz all their friends have it. - marissa

nope, i'm on a coffee and grilled poodle only diet- it

NFW, no way- lor

damn right i would! i find personaly my own shit tastes rather bland and lacking any real taste but if it tasted anything like badger shit i'd be right in there!- Karma Monster

I reckon I'd sell it and make a huge profit, cos how many people can say that their shit tastes good?- Keta

Nah man, there's nothing worse than eating your own shit, talking it is ba enough.- Hedge Monkey

no- figui

what do u mean if?- Humpy McWackWack

I would have to say, many things taste good, but I don't eat them. Paint chips taste great... but for some reason I don't eat them. Motor oil tastes good, or so I hear from Minky the cat, but I don't drink it. Something about the rainbow of colors floating at the top turns me off. If I were in a situation where I had to eat good tasting shit, I would most definitely want it to be my own. And with this in mind, I would want it to be in the form of a swan, hardened, because i like swans.- monkey

i do already i really like the corn. sometimes it tastes a bit nutty.- z24

Yeah just cuz I like it, I'm gonna go to eat it out of my toilet now.- Blunt

i would eat anything that tasted good. i would probably exploit it too and try to get rich.- SiNiSTaR

damn str8- OddBoddkins

No.- D-Link

yes- Blinky

of course as a matter of fact i eat my shit now! it tastes like home made butter milk pie! yummy thats some good shit!- dumb blonde

mice do....and they look funny....and our head can't do like theirs, i mean, can u lick your ass?- Insanity In The Flesh

of course not, but look around everyone else does it and trumpets it like it's a badge of honor - schizoid

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