so there is another pile of dirt on your lawn and you could barely get rid of the last one...
what do you do with this one?
october 2002

Get a restraining order and if he comes back call his parole officer.- Enfante Terrible

same as the last one...slowly fed it to myself by sneaking spoon fulls of the dirt in my food while i cook then..hehe..fed it to myself and laugh at myself in the mirror 4 fallin 4 it!!!I SUCK!- Spagetti

Use my witchcraft book to turn the pile of dirt into a hammock and two trees then burn it down with a match!!!!MWAHAAHHAGHFEHAH!!!- PopoTheClone

Put it in my pants- Vile weasel squeezer

i show it who is in charge by digging a hole in it and living there forever- killmenow

teach it to clend in with the other dirt. it might as well succumb to peer pressure.- frazicus

Fucking nieghbors! I'll seal all their dors and windows trapping them inside, then drop all my garbage through a hole in their roof... let them figure out how it is with common sense!- Omuletzu

gather up lawn gnomes from the neighbours yards and use them to reenact some civil war from the past on the pile of dirt.. - Miss Roger's Sweater

ill pick it up and through it away- jocewlyn

I cover it with peanut butter and get that brat kid from down the street to eat it all.- FartMonkey

give up and commit seppuku- Ninja

This one, I will make brownies out of and give to the little brats on Halloween, thatll show them to show up to my door thinking i have to give them candy...- Syko Morgana

i'd dig a hole and bury it.i'm a frikken' genius.- marissa

I would add water to the dirt and make mud, and throw it at unsuspecting people who pass by- naughtee69

leave it alone, dirt never hurt me and I dont really care what it dose.- Nameless

A pile of dirt? might make a good spot for me to plant a flower or two. Either that, or I'd make another pile of dirt so that it doesn't feel lonely. I know what it's like to feel lonely, and it ain't pretty. Hmm...but that flower would look very pretty. =D- Jess

Bury it- Mzebonga

Dig a hole and fill it with the dirt.- Loshi777

HA!Theres two things wrong with this question.First!i dont get rid of pile of dirts ,I become distant friends with them allowing them to live on my lawn for a cost.Second!It doesnt envolve sexual hints or anything about peanut butter.So proving this question is below me or doesnt concern me(which ever you'd like to say)I say, You Suck!- KKKKKKKEEEEELLLLLLYYYYYY

Fling it at passerbys.- Sally

what is your obession with dirt? seriously... i think you need to examine your desire for dirt and your constant rolling naked in it...- DC

since i sold the last pile to miss hog down at nanny hog's center for visualy impaired childred(she likes to make hot coacoa for the kiddies), i'll hand this one out in baggys to all my buddys down at the ward, its the little things that make them happy.- demonboy"_"

i would slowly remove it from the groud and sell iy to a cannabis dealer telling them that it is the best cannabiss around- peri

i would make it into the biggest pile of dirt this side of the Atlantic (there isn't much dirt on this side) and then charge people money to come and look at it.- is...

Make a dirt castle- SG*

sell it to a hungry blind tramp pretending its a delicacy (i cant spell btw)- drunk fairy

bury a couple of those damn backstreet boys- monkie boy

Dirt...always dirt...WHAT'S WITH THE DIRT?!?! I find that bastard who put it there and pull out their damn intestines and replace them with their own fricken dirt!! See how they like that!- FiFi

well i saw this lady o tv who ate dirty and said it tasted good so maybe i'll try to ssell it as some sort of forgien delacacy in like tittle baggies with a label that sa fine dirt by meagnolia- meagnolia

Put a tomestone on it that says "Insert your name here" on it.- LubisKo

Well I might as well start a garden this time. Yes... a garden might attract more evil green jellybeans. mmmmm.....- Nelson

Force the asshole that keeps putting it there to eat it.- BROWN25

Over fertilize; it'll drive away all the snotty kids riding their bikes on my lawn- Angelfish

leave it, i don't care. - adam

send it to leichinstein, they need the manure so that Boris can have a dirt moat around his castle/cardboard box. Helga is sad about it- Boris

eat it. can never have enough roughage in your diet..- keglineq

I'll just call up Miss Roger's Sweater and force her to get rid of the pile ... all while brandishing my weapon of choice (that being a needle ... she isn't too fond of them). If she refuses to clean up the dirt, I'll then be forced to do something so terrible and inhumane ... like pierce her ears.- McDiablo

leave it cause the fucking things will just come back again.- short1

First I find a tooth pick and a spoon. Then I start my very tedious job of creating an igloo, well out of dirt. When I am complete, I'll turn it into a nightclub that listens to the tv as music. Only certain people will be excluded, such as anyone who annoys (nearly everyone)! I will have a great amount of money from doing this.- Retarded Monkey Queen

I'd convince all the religious fanatics it fell from heaven. then, i'd put scoops of the heaven dirt in little jelly jars and sell it for $50 a jar, making tons of money and moving into a mansion in Greenland.- Peaces

*in robotic voice*I can not get rid of dirt, dirt is the new god *looks around* THANK GOD ITS GONE!!! I got rid of the last one, now this one thinks its GOD, i dont know what to do, its holding me hostage....uh oh.....AHHHHHHHHH....this is not the pile of dirt in tammys yard....thats silly dirt cant type....unless you are radioactive dirt that plans on takin over the world like me...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA*coughs*...I mean..this is Tammy, there is no dirt....good bye! HAHAHAHEEHEHEH! Pathetic fools!!- monkeeskittles

Get my lawn scotch guarded and then cover it with plastic just like my grandmother's furniture so that all i have to do is wipe it away with a moist towel.- lily marlene

HAH! Thats what they want you to think! Its them! Theyre coming! Nowhere is safe! SPIDERS! Young spiders... I told em. Shove that inside your back pocket. Better hide now! Climb under your keyboards and quiver. Cook me a nice leather boot and boil it till its crisp. Thatll protect me! But not you! None of you are safe! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Look, Im sorry about that. That wasnt actually me answering that, it was Barry, the dirt man. He comes in here every week and removes all the dirt from my lawn. Hes mentally unstable, sure, but he does a good job. You should hire him. Actually, youd better, he'll probably kill you if you dont. Please. PLEASE! HIRE BARRY!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!- Waxter

worship the golden girls- pope doug

Invite my family round. I'm nto going to try to eat this pile on my own. Uh-uh. I learnt the hard way.- Fergus O'dimbal

throw it at my brother- dennis p

add it to the pile that is still there- Munchkin

umm isnt dirt supposed to be on the lawn?- carma

Make chili from it and have a bake sale.- Indomitus

That's not a pile of dirt....that's Britney Spears!!!- Diet Pepsi

shit on it to add to the glorous filth- bexda

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