so the demon says to dig a hole and not ask questions...
how far do you dig before you start asking quesions?

well i wouldnt dig anything cus the first thing i would say is "How far do i have to dig?" So the answer is none i wouldnt dig anything..Then after the demon gave me a nasty look i would relize my mistake and dig until i die sadly.. - HoGZaReSpeCiaL

I dug for about 17ft before I started asking questions... And I was punished severly... I'm missing my ovaries now... Not that I had them to start off with, but the demon put some into me, then removed them... The moral is: Don't ask questions, just dig...- Fido Dido

Proxima Centauri- Mzebonga

Digging would require effort. Easier to vaporize him with my right pinkie finger, raised oh so delicately, as I light the bong. Then I would ask my friend how much they paid for this shit and will they score me some. - Your Lawyer

you should NEVER ask a demon any questions, demons are your friends, they ought to be your best friends kuz if they werent your best friends they could talk satan into to turning you into satans bitch when you die and go to hell, trust me, we are all going to hell anyway so asking the demon any sort of questions would just make your afterlife worse than it will be anyway.- dizzy munkie

I don't recall his saying not to ask questions, so that's why I keep coming back here. However, the hole's coming along nicley. It's big and dirty and I've named it Afghanistan. - Waxter

I won't dig until I know the whole situation which is always sordid so I won't dig the hole. The stupid devil can do it himself when he's done I'll show him I'll push him in then cover him over. I'll show him.Ha.- Sally

i dig about 5 feet because he might have forgotten by then that he said not to ask questions.- SG*

The Lord will always provide.- Mattew/Mark/Luke/John

i would probably dig 2 feet and stop, cuz digging is really tiring.- w33nkie

as soon as it starts gettin nekkid- Ninja

I pretend to be like,"No Problem!!!" and start digging and go "WAIT!, How many licks does it take to get to the center of..... oh f*** it like you would really know!" then start digging and mutter under my breath "damn cock licking demon..." the when he says "WHAT DID YOU SAY!" ide reply "My socks re steamin."- Sk8erGecko

what are you doing with the demon in the first place?- kate

about six feet before I push him in. I wouldn't want the wildlife to drag his screaming demon corpse around town. Think of the neighbors.- A crazy Person

This is such a stupid response you will probably give me a monkey butt or worse, but perhaps the 'dig' could be referring to 'liking', instead of displacing dirt with a shovel as in "I dig that old lady's hat" and 'hole' could be referring to any hole anywhere, so I could take this entire statement to mean "Take a liking to my nostril and do not ask questions." My digging limit would be before I were to stick my finger up it.- FartMonkey

about 5 cm- MrDrifta

i probably wouldn't since he's a demon and he said not to...- Skittles

when I dig far enough that I cant see, I ask if I can have a candle or something.- LubisKo

7 feet. I heard demons are only 5 feet tall, so if I don't like the demon's answers, I could throw the poor bastard in the hole.- weirdDAR

i giggle and say "hee hee you said hole you dumbass!" and start pounding the dirt with my fists like i'm a retarded demon.- Miss Roger's Sweater

He's a demon, eh? Well, I'm sure him and my alter ego (which involves me being possessed by Satan) would get along just fine and start chatting it up during the dig..where I find out that he's trying to get to Fernie, B.C. to smoke some weed.- McDiablo

Ask the demon, not me, mofo- Mystic_Murray

Well, as I can see that the demon is using both claws to plug his anus and clearly needs assistance to deposit his excrement into the ground where Satan lives, I refrain from asking any embarrassing questions and quickly excavate the latrine. - Fantastic

Until I realise that the demon was really just my friend wearing devil horns and by telling me to do it has now got me stuck in a hole hundreds of metres deep, from which I have no hope of escape, causing me to eat my shovel, pet parrot and my nose to stay alive.- The Fool

3 inches- frizzy

I dig to china once there i would tell all my loyal chinese fans to quickly jab millions of chopsticks into the demons side. hopefully he would die if not i would get him full on chow mein so he could not move.- one armed midget

its a demon 4 fuck sake im diggin that hole as my grave.- JacKsurL

i dig it six feet down and i start to wonder what the hell i am doing... so i ask my mother why she wanted me to dig a hole and i got slapped and passed out... wait... where am i? what are we doing here?- bobspenistasselholder

Dig till I'm free.- Omuletzu

i did 2km straight down, then 8km in an easterly direction, then dig at a 45 degree angle up and east for another 8.25km. Break the surface, trek the 16 or so km it takes to get back to the daemon, then ask "you did say 'hole', right?"- frazicus

How big is the demon?- Sophie

I do NOT dig. So ... The fucker can take my spoon, and dig it his damned self.- sheniqua scoop, one question. then. FUCK THE DEMON, I'LL DIG MY WAY TO CHINA! HAHAHAHAHAHA...haha.. *cough*- insanity crises 420

I would have already asked him "why not?" before actually digging...what happens to me after that is his choice, either way i got to ask a question didn't i? hahahahaha...yeah.- SiNiSTaR

i would dig untill there was no more dirt in my hole... cus i dont like having a dirty hole, it itches so i clean my hole constantly.- Zero

it is not fun without mary- pope doug

Once I got to China, I'd be a little suspisous, but on the whole, I wouldn't. I'd only expect the same courtacy if I was that demon.- FiFi

until next Tuesday- Fish

the demon told you not to ask. what the fuck were you thinking?! dog gonnit youi know there're not going to let us lick eachother for warmth ne more. jeeze well you better get used to insulating yourself in your own fecal matter- meagnolia

2 feet- jocelynevans

until i reach the pits of hell and see all the little people with pitchforks waiting for me at the bottom- jess

i dont, i laugh at the fucker n tell him to shove it n dig the hole his fuckin self.- BooBoo

2 and 3/8 inches.- kiLLj0y

till the shoivel or your hands melt, and you go deaf from the screams of lost souls from hell.- Colonel

I ask questions...not quesions...never ask a demon quesions for it will rip you a new one.- ANthraxboY

Fuck that demon, yo.- skippy

I just start digging, then I distract him with a little frog, then I crack him over the skull with the shovel, climb up there and strangle him, then I push him inthe hole and cover him up and put a rock there that says he is dead and I killed him and I would appreciate donations.- FartMonkey

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