will this be the worst holiday season ever?

yep. damn bloody ho ho ho loving freaks. what wrong with a bit of seasonal chaos? will add a whole new dimension to the history. yeah...it could be worse, but in a good way. well, for me. - frazicus

No it will be the best, because I intend on locking myself in a room with only a stereo and 47 records, hopefully drowning out all christians who scream when they open their christmas card entitled "Happy Xmas" (xmas takes the christ out of christmas) ans also any non christians who just celebrate it so they can accumulate more stuff. - Nelson

Every year is worse than the next.- Syko Morgana

no, i have a "special" surprise for my brother, since he was a bad boy, instead of giving him coal, im giving him a pile of shit in a box, i will send pictures of it after christmas- monkie boy

Not a chance! It'll get worse every year. Still, you're kind of right to ask the question this year, cause the happy-happy-joy-joy indicator for the holiday will surely drop a lot. Why? Cause I don't have a real holiday anymore and I'm away from my family and friends (2 at most, but still).- Omuletzu

most likely not i have been playing with candles lately and not only is it fun to burn my hand and almost my house but I'm saving that for the holiday when i shall burn my fathers old records with my house and dance around like a ballerina to his mmlting disco music and live happily ever after- ShadowClaws

yes, poisitivly, with out a doubt yes....i plan on staking out a spot near the fire place behind the couch so santa cant see me...then when he goes to put presents under my tree....i will then administer the punishment he deserves....now i know why that fat guy is so jolly...he knows where all the bad girls live...*looks around* uh oh...*runs outside and switches numbers on the house around*....he cant find me now! *goes and hides in closet, repeating over and over, im not a bad girl, im not a bad girl*- monkeeskittles

yes.....the older i get the more i spend on presents.....and recieve less from the salvation army- sputnac

in one word "yes"- Sally

The answer to this can be examined with further questioning: 1. Will it be sold to McDonalds and Coca Cola? Yes, it will. 2. Will town be choked with stupid morons buying Britney Spears/Craig David CDs? Yes, it will. 3. Will my relatives haunt me? Yes, they will. 4. Will it be bastard cold and not snow but piss down instead? Probably. 5. Will I get what I want? Probably not. 6. Will I get what I need? Probably not. 7. Will my friends be around to get drunk with? No. 8. Will I get Lego? I fucking better had. But I probably won't. Thus, this will be the crappest Christmas ever.- Mzebonga

I work in a mall. Hell yea it's gonna suck!- Angelfish

Yes. And, if my calculations are right, it will be "that time of the month", it will be even worse than the worst. It will set a record in holiday season worstness. Holidays suck.- FartMonkey

hell yeah- Psycho, Binky

if we get no snow I might cut myself for fun.- The Anti-Christ

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!- Nameless

I have no idea- Mungo

No next years will be- Ninja

no- brad Y

Yes.- Heroin Bob

i dont know, i thought it was last year but my funky ass friend (he has a miget fedish) got a KAO (kaotic american orgy)with santa and the elves (mrs.claws was out at k-mart no walmart no awwwwwww who gives a fuck he fucked some god damn elves)at least thats what he told me pic.............................. 8======D~~~~ ({})- IeAtCrAyOnS

hell no. this stupid christmas season will drag on until we're all poking ourselves in the eyeballs with toothpicks just to maintain a sense of being. damn all those christmas shoppers! parking space, not included.- Miss Roger's Sweater

undoubtedly. because this year i have to spend time with my deviant family who say things such as " please stop drinking vodka straight out of the bottle", and "lets turn the tv off and play a game" and other such nonsensical garbage. however, family time does offer opportunities for amusement, as i plan to tell every member of my family under the age of 8 that not only does "santa clause" not exist, if he did exist he would hate and despise children, and feed them all to his rampaging rapist reindeer, rudolph. - the queen of the arctic ass monkeys

why not?- monkeyFeeder

fuck theyre all thsi bad. christmas is to political. i wont celebrate it. its a way for the govt and bushy eyebrowed businessmen to sell toys to the teeming masses. fuck christmas. anyways everybody gets fat, whats the fun of that? bet the french are spitting on our goddamn christmas wreaths this year..... and i bet theyre drinking champagne, not a goddamn drink made from eggs..... eww- dressed like a sperm

Only if you really let the spirit into your heart and start singing about it. - Enfante Terrible

every christmas is horrible, why would this be different? - SiNiSTaR

not if i can help it!!!- a white

Well, no. - Mr_MoJo_Risin777

You bet, Santa. The elves and I are behind you one %100. The fuckers don't even deserve coal torn from the tender breast of the land. They deserve a stocking full of steaming monkey-shit shoved down their greedy throats and a poke in the eye.Not to mention a five pound bag of sugar in the tanks of their fat-ass-mobile-SUVs. And a baseball bat to their robotronic fake heads. And to be eaten alive by gremlins crawling out of their breadmakers, microwaves, George Forman grills, foot spas, nature-sound machines and other superfluous appliances. And reindeer piss all over their parades and sporting events. And to be told how truly ugly they and their snot-nosed offspring really are.- sixhairytits

it's christmas, of course it will be.- bad kitty

Probly.- that one guy

Has there ever been a good one?- AnthraxBoy

nah! - Livy

Probably not.- Timber

yes- baklang baboy

no cuz im getting alot what i want and need for x-mas- TwiztedChick

indeed it will- punkie boo

The screaming kids, the empty bank accounts, the grouchy shoppers, the car accidents caused by drunk driving, the horrible turkey leftovers ... oh, it's going to be swell (sarcasm, sarcasm)! - McDiablo

yes. i hate christmas, which i celebrate every goddanm year. i'd rather be jewish. that way i could bitch with/@ nathan about how much jews suck. i'm not rascist, i just love to copy nathan because he is a god. a jewish god. - somebitch/iluvtony

Holiday? Season? I thought there were only sping, summer, fall, and winter seasons. What is this 'holiday season' you speak of? It's all the government's fault.- noidonotlikebrownies

No.- Pixallated Warrior

i just got laid so i say its going pretty damn well.- Kira

yes. I have to sit through 7 hours of christmas carols sung by 100 pre-pubescent little shits from my local primary school. If I hear "Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly" one more time the singers will find themselves with the microphones shoved a very long way down their throats, as well as being in several particularly messily dismembered pieces.- The Fool

maybe, noone knows yet- delly

Ya.- Kitty

no because i just laid Kira (she answered these too)....so i think it will be a very GOOD season :-D- mohawkman

yes - ashybear

hell fucking yes - nonyadamnbuisnessbitch


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