when doing your laundry, do you ever have missing socks that you see a few days later for sale on ebay?

i know, i know. look, ive been looking into this. couldnt resist once i couldnt find one of my favourite sparkly socks. it seems, there is an underground network of tunnels, leading from every washing machine in the world to a special stockhold beneath the earth's crust. it turns out, that this whole conspiracy operation to sell our socks back to us over ebay is masterminded by none other than slimy the earthworm. oscar the grouch's no legged counterpart. research is still underway, but it is believed that this is because of the worms intense jelousy of things with feet.- frazicus

Yes now that you mention it. But for some reason whoever is selling them says they used to belong to Jennifer Love Hewitt.- Nelson

..those damn shrews! I guess it's payback for all those times I made fur coats for them out of their own fur.- Syko Morgana

my poor socks have been mutilated by the sick fuckers at the insane domain, you can click on the link that says "sock monkeys for sale on ebay" those were mine fuckers!!- monkie boy

I'm one of the lucky few who don't have to wash their own socks, so if this happens, I don't find out.- Omuletzu

heyy..You bastard!- wha

not often it has happened to me a few times but only when the little men come and put me in a very tight white coat which is very warm mind you, a few times they put me in a padded room only to find im gone the next day escaped wit the plastic spork they gave me to defend myself with against the knife fighting monkeys they have trained to keep the insane population down.- ShadowClaws

no...not to much the socks, although i find them in the freezer a few days later, but the thongs, they are always on e-bay. I mean come on, whos gonna bid on an item thats been in my ass crack? WHAT??? YAHOOOOO I WON CINDY CRAWFORD'S THONG!! thong thong thong thong.....i mean thats just nasty- monkeeskittles

that happens all the time.....i just buy my sock back....the seller is usually my seller is one of my other personality....little joe joe is always playing sock games.- sputnac

yes very mysterious isn't it?- Sally

No, but I've been questioned by the police after one of my missing socks was discovered running a drugs racket from Rio to Hull.- Mzebonga

It's actually a conspiracy through the sock companies to steal our socks so that we have to buy more socks. - Angelfish

It's not just socks.- FartMonkey

No, but i do see my missing underwear and hairballs for sale once in awhile... oh and once i found my puke on there. I know it was mine cuz of the blue jello chunks!- Psycho, Binky

Damnit I told you not to tell everyone about me man! I was making akilling selling peoples socks on ebay, now I guess I'm gonna go back to the stolen kidneys.- The Anti-Christ

Yes Yes I do. It scares me what did I do so wrong to those socks to make them run away. Every day I wash my feat and I hate exercise. So why would they run.- Nameless

never have- Mungo

Yes, under weapons of mass destruction.- Ninja

no- brad Y

Can't say that I have- Heroin Bob

yes,and i need to talk the basterds down from 20$ to 17 .... those fucking ass's- IeAtCrAyOnS

yes, except when i see them on ebay they're clean. since when does my washer actually clean my clothes?- Miss Roger's Sweater

yes i do and theyre sold for huge and vast and gargantuan sums of money just because they have becaome impregnated with the sweet smell of my foot sweat and there are in fact religions based on my feet and so therefore the socks are holy relics of rightiousness- the queen of the arctic ass monkeys

i am to lazy to sell shit to fanatic fetish ppl- monkeyFeeder

whats going on with you guys??? your questions are getting dumber and dumber... I'm losing patience. I'm going to talk to your manager he'll be sure to listen to me and my army, don't...... oooh a kittie.- dressed like a sperm

My socks are too dirty for a family-oriented service like ebay by the time i drag them and my lazy ass to the laundromat. I have to go searching secured fetish sites for my filthy little crack-booties and then raise their illegitmate sock-babies myself because their too strung out on toe-jam to function as responsible clothing. It's a vicious cycle.- Enfante Terrible

no but i did see my sister for sale on eBay once... i thought she'd gone to her friends house or something and next thing you know, there she is. bidding started at $1 and then i think it peaked at $1.50. who bought her? my mom. *sigh*- SiNiSTaR

not that ive noticed- a white

How did you folks find out about the way I make my coke money? O_o- Mr_MoJo_Risin777

No but when sucking down tequila I sometimes have missing pants I find days later on the floor of a laundromat.- sixhairytits

whoa...i always wondered what happened to my socks...still not sure how they got there though.- bad kitty

I saw them. They where on sale. I wanted them back alright. I tried to enter the internet so i could take them back by jumping into the cumputer monitor ,clone them, and feed them to the hungy people in africa, like dilbert in episode #43 or was that homer ? Maybe it was Mega Man... I dunno this has happened a number of times and each time i screw it up and i dont get my socks back unless, i pay for them which, i hate. I wish I could thrash about the floor until it all went away.- that one guy

WHO HAVE YOU BEEN TALKING TO!!!!! I WARNED ANYONE THAT IF THEY RATTED ME OUT ABOUT THE DRYER EPIDEMIC THEY WOULD SUFFER MY WRATH!!!! Oh...your asking about me losing a sock...no...I don't lose my socks.- AnthraxBoy

Yes, how weird....- Livy

No.- Timber

no- baklang baboy

actually that happened to me once I was missing a sock that said "I love me" on it and when I went to Hot Topic's website I saw that sock on thier.- TwiztedChick

ummm i always have missing socks but they are never on ebay- punkie boo

Not really ... sometimes I'm just sitting in a chair and I feel something bulging in my leg. First off, I think, "Hmm, I shouldn't have taken those psychedelic drugs 'cuz it feels like there is another foot growing on my leg". But then, presto! It ends up being a missing sock that was stuck in my pantleg. - McDiablo

i go shopping once a week. i throw dirty laundry out the window and hope to never see it again.- somebitch/iluvtony

For one, I do not wear socks, only ziplock bags. This way I'll never get freezer burn. As for ebay; I hear you need a thing called a "computer". In which I've seen no such thing.- noidonotlikebrownies

No.- Pixallated Warrior

....so that's where they're going! Well, I'll just have to go get them back. *click*...no no you can't bid $20 on my sock! *click* no no no...I only have $50, stop bidding on my sock, why do you want it?!?!?! Oh well, I'll have to go buy more.- Kira

no, but once I found my dismembered kidney, lightly battered and marinated in caterpillar wine, on sale for $3.57. Delicious- The Fool

lol no- delly

no.- Kitty

yes and so I put my other one on ebay and say "if you get item #3947 make sure to buy this too...they are brothers and I wish for them not to be seperated"- mohawkman

yes - ashybear

hell fucking no - nonyadamnbuisnessbitch

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