have you considered handcuffing yourself to someone you liked just to 'be close to them'?

no. but thats a good idea. come closer...just a little more you sexy...i mean saucy.. aaah...oh bugger it! youre mine! mine! no! no! dont run away! i have cheese! *handcuffs fall to ground in despondent way*- frazicus

hahahahahahahahahahah welcome to the modern age. bondage baby YEAH!- Nelson

No DC! I would never do that..*hides handcuffs behind her back*- Syko Morgana

considered??? ive done that!!!- monkie boy

Hey, thanks for the idea. It works in movies, so why not try it!? Oh, wait. Damn! I have to find that someone I like first.- Omuletzu

Well 4 that- wha

yes but only to girls once it was a washing machine but ive gotten over her.- ShadowClaws

i got handcuffed last night and stuffed in the back of a car....wait thats not the same? o well this one time...when i was with this dude....things were getting kinda kinky and he handcuffed me to the bed....does that count??- monkeeskittles

i've considered it but settled with breaking into their house to rub my cheek against their feet while they sleep- sputnac

yes is that insanity?- Sally

Been there, done that, got the restraining order.- Mzebonga

I would but that whole restraining order. Besides, how would going to the bathroom work? Would the other person have to kneel down next to me while I'm doing my business. - Angelfish

Yes. Let me tell you, people's attitudes towards you change faster than you can imagine just because you handcuff yourself to them without permission and throw the key into the river. It boggles the mind.- FartMonkey

umm.. hehe sure, now that you mention it- Psycho, Binky

never though about that one, thanks DC your a datng wonder! - The Anti-Christ

What do you mean consider? I have. They are right here telling me they have to go to the bathroom. But we cant go yet I am not finished. guess they will just have to gnaw through thier arm. - Nameless

no, but that's a good idea- Mungo

What about sewing yourself to them?- Ninja

no- brad Y

No, but i've had it happen to me. It was really scarey.- Heroin Bob

do the po-pos)- IeAtCrAyOnS

yes, and the slurpee machine dumped me the next day.- Miss Roger's Sweater

well there was this one time when i was obsessively in love with this guy and i did actually handcuff myself to him and eat the key. just to be close to him. unfortunately the police then came and monitored my shit for the next 3 days until they found the key and unlocked me from my beloved one. then there was the whole court case and restraining order... it was nasty. so nowadays i just hide in their house instead of going to such lengths as actual handcuffing. i do still use handcuffs in my deviant sexual practices though... DC is welcome to join in with me and the arctic ass monkey fetich love club though ;-)- the queen of the arctic ass monkeys

wtf is handcuffing anyway?- monkeyFeeder

yes, but only once.. wait twice but it was to a midget so you can understand, i like to stroke thier baby soft heads, and fondle their small ears and oooooh... ahem back to the story, but then they uppercut me and tied me to a bed and whipped me with otter tail whip... which all in all wasnt so bad, until it started to bleed of course- dressed like a sperm

No but, I've considered having people who like me handcuffed just to keep them away from me.- Enfante Terrible

yeah but i think they could read my intentions cuz i never bumped into them again... i have this thing where you can see what i wanna do just by looking into my eyes. one time i wanted to [inch this guys ass and i didn't say or do anything but it was just in my eyes because he took one look and ran off. :(- SiNiSTaR

...lets not talk about it okay...- a white

Not until JUST NOW! Woohoo! My weekend is PLANNED!- Mr_MoJo_Risin777

better to use a staple gun to seal our faces together.- sixhairytits

yeah, but i didn't consider it for very long...maybe i should have. he was kinda pissed when the dog ate the key.- bad kitty

Actualy i have six people handcuffed to me right now but they're all dead now because i got tired of them. I lost the key so i can't get them off. I wish i had some apple sauce then i could melt the dead people and use their skulls as beverage holders.- that one guy

No answer that is worthy of anything more than a monkey butt.- AnthraxBoy

Maybe...- Livy

What the hell.- Timber

no- baklang baboy

ive done that before, me and my ex boyfriend handcuffed ourselves to each other and walked around the mall it was funny as shit- TwiztedChick

yup lots of times - punkie boo

Hmm, I never thought of that. I should try that one out. Do they sell handcuffs at 7 Eleven?- McDiablo

yes, infact, my boyfriend who doesn't talk to me. and my ex-boyfriend. i'd do a lot more than handcuff myself to him. - somebitch/iluvtony

I advise you to stay out of my personal life, thank-you very much.- noidonotlikebrownies

No.- Pixallated Warrior

Considered it? I've done it! *faint voice in background "please help me...she doesn't feed me"* *whip cracks* shut up.- Kira

I handcuffed myself to the bus once. Or maybe it was the bus driver. Either way, I woke up 12 hours later under a bridge with a sore arse and a hobo licking my feet. - The Fool

christ yes- delly

n/a- Kitty

no, because I smell funny and dont wish for people to endure my stinch.- mohawkman

yes - ashybear

hmm i have to admit to this one - nonyadamnbuisnessbitch

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