how often do you go online and into chat rooms just to argue with people?

i prefer to argue with my computer. its generally more challenging than arguing with people in chat rooms.- frazicus

Every Thursday without fail. People really underestimate the amount of relaxation arguing with someone you're never going to meet can bring. Observe: SwEeTaNgElLoVeBaByKiTtEn: Hi! asl? You: I am taking over the world! You dare waste my time with silly letter abrieveating games! SwEeTaNgElLoVeBaByKiTtEn: uh.... yes You: YOU SHALL PAY!! I AM HUNTING YOU OUT AS WE SPEAK SO YOU WILL PAY A GREVIOUS CONSEQUENCE FOR ALL ETERNITY!!!!!!! *****SwEeTaNgElLoVeBaByKiTtEn has left the room.- Nelson

I dont know dude, but do you think it's good to sing lullabys to my pinky?- Syko Morgana

i actually went into a new zealand chat room one time and gave everybody a hard time in there saying various obscenities to all the people in there, well unknown to me one of those people in that chat room was one of my friends cousins. they came over here to america in the general vinicity where i live, and i decided to tell him all the stuff i said in the chat room. he asked me what my screen name was, and i told him. after when i told him, he socked me in the face. so now i am generally afraid to go into chatrooms just to start shit with people.- monkie boy

Don't think I've ever done it this way. I sometimes go into chat rooms to complain about people who bother me in my "real" life.- Omuletzu

dude..thats like a daily thing 4 me, seriously!does anyone ever go into a chat room and not end up in a arguement ..or at least a stalker of some kind..- wha

a lot it is fun to argue with people maybe its just that i am bipolar but i lik to argue all the time no matter who it is i would be happy to piss them off it only disapoints me when the other person gives up on me to say and i quote "yeah but ya cant beat me" end quote.- ShadowClaws

every so often, sometimes I find that argueing with people you dont know is loads of fun....well its fun until you learn they are manic depressive and come to your town wanting to kick your ass, and when you run from them, they get on the highest building in your town and threaten to jump!- monkeeskittles

my personality i named harry loves to do; he doesnt fight though he would get evicted if he gets us hit. thats one thing i dont allow in my head.....violence - sputnac

all the time ,i do it for sport- Sally

I don't really intentionally do it, it just happens. There are so many supid people in chat rooms that I just can't stop myself from hating them and making them realise how dumb they are. But they refuse and it becomes one big argument. Some people are just wrong and they don't know it. How many sanctimonious shitbags are there online who are just wrong???? Is it a genetic defect or is it something that comes with their ISP?- Mzebonga

I used to until the voices took over. Then I didn't need chat rooms. - Angelfish

That actually is the only reason I ever go into chat rooms..just to stir up trouble. I once got some people (they claimed to be children, but I dunno)swearing at me so much they got kicked out cuz I was typing with absolutely perfect grammar and capitalization, and they got mad cuz they use that stupid chat room abbreviation system, where they use u and r and all that crap. They let me get in their minds. I sure showed them.- FartMonkey

Whenever i go onto a chatroom i argue with people. thats about once a month.- Psycho, Binky

LOL I go into the religous channels on IRC and tell them thier god is dead and no one cares. Convience them that god never existed.... Kinda like dogma and the nnuns LOL.- The Anti-Christ

Online?- Nameless

sometimes- Mungo

what like your actually supossed to converse normally? I thought chat was just for abusing people- Ninja

3 times a week- brad Y

Pretty much everyday.- Heroin Bob

depending on what day it is ........... monday no, ...... but wednsday yes, yessssss- IeAtCrAyOnS

depends on the level of boredom. it's only fun when you and someone you know go in a chatroom and then make fun of each other and no one else knows what the hell is going on. good times, good times.- Miss Roger's Sweater

frequently. another amusing ploy in chat rooms is to just mock everybody with names like BIGBOY_69 or HORNYMALE_4U by talking to them and telling them that you want cyber sex. then, when the sexually frustrated fools say "what are you wearing" i say "wizards cape, wellington boots, bobble hat". and when they ask what i look like i tell them "well, im 4"11, about 300lbs, mutated fungal infections on my face, and a large flaky bald patch" alternatively, i just say... "so you're blatantly a 12 year old virgin..." - the queen of the arctic ass monkeys

sometimes all the time sometimes not- monkeyFeeder

nah thats old stuff man, listen hear *leans in enough to smell cat meat on breath* you go on and start the act of um well ... sex, yea so then you tell the guy ur having "sex" with, (which isnt really sex cuz like *ooh yea im so horny, this typing gets me all a flutter")and you tell them that your a 54 year old man with a hairy back.. haha. hmm maybe thats the reason people dont talk to me anymore.- dressed like a sperm

I'm more of a "binge" flamer than your steady, predatory variety. Most of my best flaming was as a hired hit on a couple of boards that my friend and her husband were raging about. I used my dog's name and pretended to be a physicist. I crept up on them all friendly before I started smacking them around so that they would be weak from still hoping that I ever liked or respected them to begin with. I've been in recovery for about a year now but, it's still one day at a time and that next deserving bastard is always just around the corner, waiting to be bitch-slapped.- Enfante Terrible

if i ever feel bitchy and wanna pick on someone but this usually happens once a month... gee, i wonder why? ;)- SiNiSTaR

when ever i feel like teaching people a lesson- a white

Is the question pertaining to some single specific individual, or just in a mood to argue with whoever happens to be there?- Mr_MoJo_Risin777

Every time the bat-phone rings. - sixhairytits

often. i think it's funny to go into a chat room where they're talking about a boy band and incite riots by randomly shouting things that piss them off.- bad kitty

As much as possible. Somtimes i smehow figure out their name and i track them and kill them, in their sleep. Thisis fun but sometimes i have to kill the goldfish too, because they like to eybvall me alot. I've lost alot of goldfish like that. What where we talking about again ? HAIRY ELEPHANTS...- that one guy

When was the internet invented?- AnthraxBoy

A lot!- Livy

Never.- Timber

all the time, but usually there is nobody else to argue with except for the strange indian people who go to the chatrooms for cyber sex because they are desperate and destitute when it comes to their sex lives.- baklang baboy

i dont go into chat rooms but i go online just about everyday, sometimes i stay on for two hours, if its ammusing, or ill just got on check my mail and get off.- TwiztedChick

all the time - punkie boo

When I first got the internet, I did the unthinkable--that being NOT going into lesbian chatrooms and what not (like some have admitted to doing at least once in their lives). In fact, I haven't been in a chat room. My sister has, but she leaves once guys start hitting on her who are OBVIOUSLY lonely men in their mid-forties who are either bored or looking for some action. Take your pick.- McDiablo

not very often. i usually just pick up a phone book and a phone and pick some ass out, call and bitch at them. either that or my mom. - somebitch/iluvtony

Are you accussing me of not agruing at some point in time? Because it sounds like you are. And yes, you can start a sentence with because. Because I say so. Christ, shut up!- noidonotlikebrownies

Once or twice a month.- Pixallated Warrior

I only argue after they tell me that I'm uncool for liking 'N Sync...I mean how much cooler than 'N Sync can you get? ***evil grin***{whispers...i like pickles}- Kira

often. far too often.- The Fool

all the time- delly

constantly- Kitty

yes, but only because it is part of my plot to take over the world.- mohawkman

24\7 - ashybear

every fucking day - nonyadamnbuisnessbitch

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