so that old lady beat that guy with her purse but since the crows died on her lawn there has been no investigation... how is this fair to you as a human?

Its a bloody outrage it is, methinks she should be flayed then shot- Ninja

Yes! So, even if there were cat prints on the purse, it doesn't mean it's my fault! I want a lawyer!- Omuletzu

IT ISNT FAIR....... you see the old lady killed the crows the keep them from telling everyone that the old lady has herpes.... when really it wasnt the old lady that beat the guy it was that little bitch bambi who did it... yes her, her and her little frieds...... those damn dirty leprechauns tell me to burn things....yes burn burn burn... burn the old lady... he he he he he- Yoda..... is that you???

Meh.- Fido Dido

it isnt fair to me as a human because not even i could stop an investigation but crows can how is that fair they have more political power than i do i thought man was suposed to be above animals but apperintally not !!!!!!!!!- frizzy

Well crows are an essitional part of our lives. Without them we would be empty. Sure she was mean and killed somebody but some human sacrifices must be made in the onor of the black bird. She raises them so well she needs to have a few rules bended for her. - Mistofflies

The crows died? (mental breakdown, followed by the murder of the old lady)- ANthraxboY

Crows really piss me off. There's no justice, but who gives a shit about crows? And the guy deserved it.- Mzebonga

It just is- Dudeman

That's why I don't answer the phone. Everybody has got an agenda. You just have to look out for yourself. Except for the crows dropping dead,--that'll be a class action lawsuit. The whole neighborhood is in on that one because everybody knows the local chemical plant killed them and everbody's property values are shit because of it.- Enfante Terrible

I'm not a human you fool! I already told you, I'm a painting! Don't you ever listen? But as for the crows, it's a tragedy. That accursed old lady! She ate that spider, and that dog, and that horse, but she never ate the crows. Why? If you must kill something, at least give them the respect of being eaten. It's what I always do. But then again, I'm not a purse-beating old lady am I?- Waxter

how dare you accuse me of being human!!!!- Fish

The crow police are corrupt! So I can harvest my breadcrumbs with a buggery stick, and no tin man or shop attendant ca complain.- Mystic  Murray

i think you left out some pretty important details in this case because i cant see the connection, Old lady..beating up a guy?..dead crows on lawn? which means no investigation?..???????????????????...i cant tell you how i feel as a human but as a dog id say you need to start making some sense.- SuperFlyHaMstray

well, if i was a painting, the laws are vague, so i might just hang around and ask questions. i have rights.- shopping cart

Because the crows represent everything, so once they're gone, EVERYTHING is gone, thus allowing an old lady to get away with a shameless purse-beating from time to time. It's all a matter of physics, you know.- Babyfreak

Ok, when I first read the question, I read 'cows' instead of 'crows'. Wow! It makes so much sense now. Who cares about the crows ... I'm gonna look up this lady in the phone book and ask if she gives purse beating lessons. - McDiablo

as a human, this seems perfectly fair. old ladies are known for beating people, so theres mothing out of the ordinary there. the dead birds are a probablem, but as you say, it WAS on her lawn. she probably had a good reason for them being there. however, as i am a magpie, thus closely related to the crow, i dont think this is fair at all. it does nothing for the crow liberation front. - frazicus

Hahaha.. Pretty fair... I think.- insanitycrises 420

Well, I am not a human, I used to be, but since I've come here where all the freaks unite, I turned into a sock monkey really all this means to me is that once a light bulb burns out, it belongs to me.- FartMonkey

if all them crows are dying on her lawn its ovbios she's a witch. i'd say nothing and go out of my way to awoid her cuz i know she gave ,me jock itch with that crazy voodoo doll of hers.- muckiechild

i don't think it's fair to not investigate the deaths of those poor crows. i bet the stinky old lady did that with her purse too. don't tell me they just flew and died on her lawn like that. - SiNiSTaR

I like Pizza.- weirdDAR

who said I was human? crows dead on lawn, is it legal to eat them with mustard while fondling the purse or it that just plain uhm I don't know. Is the old lady rich, then that wouldn't be fair because I'm not and that's just not fair. Oh, do you have a cookie?- Retarded Monkey Queen

It was a murder.- GoTh_DeV

LOL, what is fair about be human?- LubisKo

I find it to be a total injustice. A group of stoned crows died on our law but a few months ago and there was absolutley no investigation. But we packaged the crow meat and used it in our basket Christmas gifts, and stocking stuffers.- Syko Morgana

it is fair cuz she beat up some guy with her purse...that evil evil lady...0.0- SG*

ah but there will be an investigation. you must be patient my friend! learn the ways of the arctic ass monkeys. the investigation and punishment will come in the ass monkey afterworld where she will be forced to lick bog donkeys for all eternity. just so you know, the crows were sentenced to death on her lawn because they violated the arctic ass monkey principles of assmonkeyism. - queen of the ass monkeys

old ladies should be able to beat upon whomever they want- the crows offered themselves as a sacrifice for all who feel frustrated- bionic butch

its not she should be beaten in return- Jeeves

I think that this is perfectly fair because she is obviously a psychotic murderess, and if we leave her alone hopefully one day she will slaughter the whole human race- Not Napoleon Bonaparte

Well in the scheme of things, I think it is too fair to me as a human because I am admittidly not the brightest being and I'm sure if those crows hadn't been brutally murdered and had instead been inducted into Australian parliament then they would run the country better and then my school would have better funding and then I would be a brighter person.- Nelson

well, if you can rant totally illogical pieces of nonsense as a so called question, i can do the same and pass it of as an answer, i shall use my random phrase generator:according to the theory of chinese etiquette and ethics, i think that doing a ltin dance class will indeed have positive effects on my outlook on bananas- marissa

West Niiiiiiiile!- chemmay

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