what do you think will happen to DC's tail once the end of the universe happens?

It will be the only material thing to survive the bang. People will emerge from holes to live and adore it, living in the DCverse, a small pocket of matter in a vat of nothingness. That will be the day when the cakes aren't burned- Mystic Murray

i dont know but my butt reaks- butthead

i dont know i might have a killer rabit chew on it for a while then let popedoug suck on it then shuve it right up my dogs ass- orion

well, since DC's tail is so short, the universe wont really see it. so when it dies out, too bad cuz i am not a member of shopritethend- dambro

nothing - it is more important than this damn insignificant and annoying universe. this means that the dudes that get rid of the bloody stupid and irritating universe should be interested in DC's sock monkey porn, hopefully (for them) becoming his 'sugar-daddy'.- foetus

It will be transported through a mysterious wormhole to another dimension, where small green spider-like beings will find it and hail it as god. Every year they will hold a Ceremony of Caressment, in which each being rubs the tail furtively for a few minutes, hoping to appease the gods.- Fish

it will get sucked through the blackhole like his penis got sucked down the vacuum cleaner- Ninja

It'll seperate and eventually, grow back. But the part that seperated will grow into it's own sock monkey and start a whole new case of insanity!- R Dire

It'll finally escape the stroppy shite and rule on high.- Mzebonga

It will be stolen by evil gnomes and used as kendall for their fires at sacrifices.- syko morgana

When the universe comes to an end DC's tail will be burnt to charcoal just like the rest of us. - MeowMix

It'll end up in the Holocaust Museum.- Omuletzu

I think that it will be floating around in the abyss- Angel

I think DC's tail will float into outerspace after the earth explode until it is picked up by some space monkeys who use it as a thing of worship because sadly.... they have no tails.- ZIMIAN

It will probably float around an oblivion for a few thousand years until it collides with another sock monkey tail floating around and it creates a whole new universe where clowns are killed, ponys arent ridden and there are no seedless watermelons.- franky the one-armed midget

It will blow up thus creating another universe and life upon it again on which he will have suffer with the humans again in a another unmeaningful life of answering irritating questions from us .- Sally

I think id that happens that the tail would be so in a how and so if will be if it happened and see it. Yeah probably that.- Blooten

dunno?- swirliegirl

oh well i thing hes not gonna have a tail point.cause everyones gonna be dead even hes momma . http://raidband.20fr.com

it will forever be destined to float in the apocalyptic rings of saturn.- saffron

it will turn into a giant lump of stilton- 69

get swallowed up by a big nothing and appear again after the nothing passes gas- BillyGoatJoe

DC's tail will become the center of a new universe, DC himself the new Creator and he shall createth new beings out of an old packet of sea monkeys and they shall groweth and become his slaves, and all shall worship his tail and want to rub it several times a day.- SiNiSTaR

It will dismantle itself from DC's body and starts finding a nice, warm, wet home to stay in during its last moments of existence.- Sodatab

dc has a tail...whoah that must be cool....umm...thats a really dumb question man..how dumb are u?im guessing the answer to that question would be A freakish mental loserish Most dumbest question person asking person ever....- dumby

um probably just be like attached to a dead dc and eventually rot away- prep genocide

it'll float into space for all of eternity- ricidulous

I would have figured it would cause the end of the universe...- Geno

universe has ended..this is all a dream....- double

who cares- mouse

it will implode...firstly swallowing every innocent around.- ramish

DC's tail will remain, and go on to start another universe, and become the God of that universe. that universe will be populated by sockmonkey nymphomaniacs, who compulsivly stroke DC's tail. orgasms will be mandatory.- Fido Dido

DC's tail will be with me so i can have hot hardcore monkey sex with it!- iWanaDoDC

I'm sure it will first go through a period of denial, then anger...and eventually get over it and find some other ass to stick himself to. - babyfreak

i will become the flag pole with witch to hang our last serviving human on- smoking_girl

I will have eaten sexy little sock monkey and sexy little sock monkey tail by then- Flabba the Slut

jesus will take the tail and spank me with it...Ooooo...- Coconuts

????????- masterhatchet

i don't fucking know i am just an idiot that shouldn't even be playing with such advance technology like this computer or crayons for that matter. i guess i would staple it to the back of my pants and prentend to be the rebirth of dc.- cookypuss

i'll be too busy fucking DC's dad to give a crap........- Cookie

when something dies it leaves behind one cell so when everything dies it will all start over but that will probably take Quite some time- dreadz

erm..well...hard to say really because i can see it doing a number of things. like when a third of the stars are suppose to fall, i would imagine he would try to keep it between his legs, or how about using the tail for disco in hell, or maybe even try to knit with it..but only if hes special.- popedoug

I really,honestly couldn't give a shit- Spritely Pratt

washington DC has a tail? I dont understand, see the third answer from the third question- for the hey of it

Well for one... WHO? and secondly...WHO?- Kraken86

It will go up his butt.- Sid

uh.. if the universe ends.. then we'll all be gone.. so.. i think DC's tail will end up serving burgers at McDonalds.. yup..- Miss Roger's Sweater

i dun noe- pretty

It become a new planet for lint.- HoppyGotNaughty

Whose DC?- Patty Mayo

It will implode. Then, because of scientific facts which I cannot even begin to describe in a way that lay persons would understand, it would explode into an entirely new Universe. This new Universe shall be a home to strange and wonderful beings. Also, there will be a multitude of elastics. Yes.- Nicole

i don't know- hellraiser

Well this can be a complicated question. You must take into account the metric weight of the tail and the stuffing itself itself is a new topic so we will concentrate on just the overall tail. If atom mass is to be completly gone then the tail will loose .5 % of all its isatops and there for be nothing more then half the atomic weight of a gram. So the tail will shrink if we go this route. Corse if we go with plan B, then the tail withh double in size. This is a reaction to the chemical imbalance the tail will have with the ending of all matter. I hope this helps. - Mistofflies

It'll blow up into a gazillion little pieces which will make Cory and airey fairy poof and cause people to spastically vomit all over the remains of Jupiter - Sarz

who the fuck is dc, and the universe wont end scientist have made it all up the big bastards- schtop_this_grolsch

Ok...I don't think that the "end of the universe" cannot be considered an event. So therefore it is my conclusion that DC's tail will live on forever. LIVE ON DC'S TAIL!!!! LIVE ON!!!!- AnthraxBoy

oleeee?- B-Lo

ntohing mutch- sexy Chicken

it's funny you should ask this, for the past few months, it's all i've been thinking of. in fact i've started dreaming about it now. the doctors say it's just a stage that will pass, but they have no idea, do they.... They don't know that the end of the world will come. AND WE STILL HAVE NO IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *whimper* oh god.... - marissa

I don't think it would disappear because the universe will not end....how,you may ask? Well, I will simply save all of reality by using the one force that binds the universe together, the one substance that can truly save everything we've ever known, DC's tail included....that being duct tape.- McDiablo

i like to think that dc's tail IS the end of the universe. kind of like an ouroborus effect. he just keeps sucking his own...tail, until theres nothing left. anywho, what will happen, is there will be nothing left but the stump of his tail...then, the new universe will begin, on the stump of dc's tail. his stump will be populated by tiny little sockmonkeys who will eventualy go on to rule the universe! (all 2cm's of it)- frazicus

It will become erect with lovely juices of joy.- MEAN

who?- commiskey

It will rules the vast space of nothingness and all will be the same as it is now.- Wilinko

party- intertwinedwithinmadness

??? monkeys have tails?- quikasabunny

poof- d1rect0r

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