so the cabbage patch kids ran away, what's it to you?
october 2002

I was going to pimp them out at the Craft and Collectable Show at The Dome Arena. Now I'm going to be forced to sell drugs to pay for my trip to Jamaica.- Enfante Terrible

nothin!i aint want no trouble!..gees..jackass- Spagetti

well..wouldnt you have a problem with it if they all ran away to your bedroom and constantly try to rape u.- PopoTheClone

I buy a shot gun and do something about it- Vile weasel squeezer

nothing damint... unless your cabbage jack and you're all mean and then the pain hurt and it all went black again- killmenow

well, it makes way for the carrots and corn ive always wanted to grow. those damn kids always took up too much room.- frazicus

I don't give a shit! I can get real cabbage for half the price.- Omuletzu

the one with the curly hair said he was going to wash my car. and now the dumbass has run away.. who is going to wash my car now? me? heck no! - Miss Roger's Sweater

nuthin- jocewlyn

I have a deep loathing for cabbage patch kids. This is the happiest day of my life. No more dolls that look like extremely ugly children.- FartMonkey

they taste nice with mayonaise- Ninja

Awwwwww shit! Who let them out!? I had them locked in that pantry for years, I was so sick of seeing their chubby little ass's. - Syko Morgana

ran away my ass! we all know what really happened, they were protesting against the war and capitalism (or was it commercialism , i never remember)when suddenly they *disappeared*. just now, little cabbage patch bodies are gonna start turning up all over the place, some are gonna be set up as murder-suicide love triangles. it's a government plot i tell you.- marissa

OH NO! the cabbage patch kids ran away! :(! ::sniff:: they couldnt have, ::sob:: I dont want to believe it, you are a liar. ::SOB:: My one and only friends, WWWWWWHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYY?? ::Heartbreaking sobs::- naughtee69

Why are you asking? - Nameless

Pffft...dickheads. They're ugly. They scare me. =|- Jess

I chased the ugly, round faced fuckers out. They ruined my cabbages. I'm trying to grow my own vegetables and those shites decided they wanted to be born in my cabbage patch and fuck the whole thing up. If they even show their faces near my vegetables again, I'm going to boil them down and make cabbage-patch-jelly.- Mzebonga

They were my street urchins. Daddy needs his crack cash.- Loshi777

Well, what am i gonna have for dinner now? Ignorant bastard..hope your parents never marry.- KKKKKKKEEEEELLLLLLYYYYYY

Good they scare me and they're evil.- Sally

its nothing to me... and you can't prove otherwise... in face i dare you to prove that they even exist- DC

i dont care if they have issues at home, ohh and by the way its illeagle to harbor minors for the silicitation of sex.- demonboy"_"

they only used to talk to me when they wanted somthing, like when they wanted a cup of tea of a cig or anything really,i dont know how they coped really, they only had the small space of my inner ear to live in, i suppose the rent was a bit high but they never complained and after all the hard work i put into into trying to create them and then they do this , well what i am to do without them!my life is empty and my soul is forever shaken, how can they do this to me, they said they loved me they were the only people who kept me company in those long nights that rockin back and forward muttering to myself- peri

i will have no-one to tend to my cabbage patch.- is...

They ran away cuz i was gonna eat them...- SG*

fuk the cabbage patch kids,why the running away?they had it grand,didnt realise how lucky they were.- drunk fairy

cabbage, kids, makes a darned good irish meal- monkie boy

It's nothing. Nothing at all. I don't care in the slightest where those ugly lil kids went. It wasn't me. I have no motive. You can't prove it was me!- FiFi

hey we bonded. those were the best ficking dolls ever! i even open up a tatoo parlor tthat scribbled on the butts of baby dollswho were jealous. now what am i gunna do with a bunch of tatooed butt dolls?- meagnolia

Nothing, unless they try a move in to my garage again like last time, and NO im not the father.- LubisKo

Not much really. Never did like cabbage. It's not that I don't like vegetables, it's just that green food makes me nervous.- Nelson

Well, in the fall, you're supposed to crack their heads open and take out the seeds to plant more cabbage for next year. Now I only have half of what I've harvested so far. I'll have to plant twenty acres of Smurfs to make up for the loss.- BROWN25

Who will play in the cabbage patch?- Angelfish

nothing, who are the cabbage patch kids?- adam

Did you not know it was me they ran to? The one with the green hair is my footrest. She is very soft. If you want them back send me a sock monkey willing of commiting sexual favours.- Boris

well i rather liked the cabbage patch kids but as it so hapens i know someone who has a face like a cabbage patch kid so i guess it doesn't matter to me but what the point in guessing stuff if you don't know? i'll never know i guess..- keglineq

I was wondering where my red-haired Cabbage Patch Kid was. Oh, who cares, she was balding anyways. That's what you get when you have yarn for hair.- McDiablo

i dont care. i never liked them any way.- short1

Well, considering the fact I never played with Cabbage Patch Kids (only babries but of course I melted them in the microwave duh)it would still pain me to see them run away. I would chase it and if I didn't find it in 5 minutes, I make my sister look for it- Retarded Monkey Queen

It's going to be a lonely road now...Without my kids. Those little happy bundles of cabbages. They were good kids, those cabbage headed brats. I raised them, breeded them, then I would rip off their cabbage and make cabbage stew and sell it in my Russian restaurant. Now without those crunhcy leaves of cabbage i treasured so, my restaurant will fail. the cats will not be happy. *crys*- Peaces

huh?? They ran away?? *heartbreaking sob* but they said they were my *sobs* friends *loud sobs* they lefted me *sob* ohhhhh look at the blues clues dolls *skips off happily, singing* i found a new friend - monkeeskittles

good. now i can bang their mother.- lily marlene

Whats it to me? I would say that the real question is whats it to you? Youre the one who asked the question. See, Ive been doing some research, and Ive discovered that the cabbage patch kids dont actually exist. They are just figments of imagination. Cabbage is mostly made up of water right? And your body and brain are about 80% water (DISCLAIMER this is not an exact figure. do not attempt to use it in any future debates, research projects etc, as it may bring about the wrath of the cats. Disclaimer void in Utah). Therefore, cabbage and brain must be linked, both in terms of physical makeup and mental capicity. Ergo: cabbage patch kids are simply a figment of the brain/imagination/mind. So, seeing as I dont believe in the cabbage patch kids, and you asked the question, their dissaperence obviously means something to you and not to me. HAH! Foiled you with logic! Suck on that Stephen Hawking! - Waxter

i want them back their soft- pope doug

Nothing. What's it to you?- Fergus O'dimbal

absolutely nothing- dennis p

everything- Munchkin

Who Cares? - carma

They weren't beaten enough. Get my shotgun, let's go huntin'.- Indomitus

Well I had a cabbage patch kid once, her name was Senga...she ran away with the Milky bar kid, I've not quite recovered and now you've made me think of her again and I miss her so badly.- Diet Pepsi

erm...good news!!! i had one of those when i was small..the smell of sick never comes clean.- bexda

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