clowns are creepy... don't you agree?
october 2002

(yes two) Actually, clowns have a long, sacred heritage in many different cultures and like all mystical archetypes, are possessed of both benevolent and malevolent tendencies. Of course, clowns as we know them today are clearly a legion of schizophrenics, pedophiliacs and alcoholics. So, yes, I would have to agree. The creepiest part is the contrast of the glassy quality of their real human eyeballs surrounded by the pastey, cartoonish make-up (which is also the creepiest thing about Christina Aguilera). The basis of the intention to amuse is underscored by the subtle intention to horrify an audience with the antics of a thing, such as a doll(which is another creepy archetype), possessed. The tension between pleasure and fear produces laughter. The sight of those foam rubber shoes, for some reason, makes me urinate.- Enfante Terrible

no i dont agree!- Spagetti

yes exspecialy the ones with long toungues and black and white coustumes...fuckin...sad.- PopoTheClone

Yes they should all be raped and shot- Vile weasel squeezer

yes but only with shovels- killmenow

yes. especially when the kiss you during interval and leave clown essence on your face.- frazicus

Heh, you're watching way too many cartoons!- Omuletzu

i do! i was scared of mascots until i was 17.. i would literally run away from them if i was ever in their presence.. and have anxiety attacks.. i'm not bullshitting you.. even ask McDiablo.. - Miss Roger's Sweater

yeeaa..- jocewlyn

I hate clowns. No, I'm afraid of clowns. No, both. Dang, I can't choose. Only they follow me around throwing moldy cheese. This is good, right?- FartMonkey

i am a clown you fool- Ninja

What's even more creepy is that over used phrase "Can't sleep..Clowns will eat me." - Syko Morgana

i think the question is 'do you disagree', cuz almost everyone i know including myself is feraked out by clowns(it's call the stephen king syndrome) especially the real ones... and i know this isn't funny and i swear to god it's true, my cousin is so afraid of them, for easter last year, there were clowns and bunnies in the mall, and she saw one and she was so freaked out, she ran into a store and locked herself in the changing room, and she refused to come out. we had to go and ask the clown to hide, so we could get her to the car.she needed an extra week of therapy for that one...- marissa

well as dr. bozo(my sycotheripist) says clowns are just a figment of ur imagination, but i dont believe that, whos going to listen to some rainbow haired freak with a red honky squeeky nose?? i think something else is going on here- naughtee69

Yess happy clowns are creepy. Though I like sad clowns they are funny. - Nameless


Clowns... Men with big red noses, funny coloured hair and trousers that are too large for them. Pretty much describes 90% of American men. Clowns are more than a little scary. If any of them ever come near my vegetables again, I'll get at them with my axe like American psycho. I kill, I kill, I kill. And then I sleep some. Sleep doesn't come easy nowadays. The clowns find me in my slumber. If I close my eyes tight enough, sometimes they don't see me. Most of the time they laugh at me and throw pies in my face. I want my mummy.- Mzebonga

HIV Positive.- Loshi777

I very much agree. There need to be so happy, is so over extreme makes you feel uncomfortable like there hiding something.Therefore CRREEPPYY!!!%$^*&..ghiopyj- KKKKKKKEEEEELLLLLLYYYYYY

yes for sure,after the movie It I never saw clowns the same way again- Sally

only the ones that try to jam me into their shoes- DC

clowns arnt creepy. the people who become clowns are ever hang with clown when theyre not a "clown" now thats fucking creepy!- demonboy"_"

clown are the answer to all of lifes questions really- peri

are you a clown because you are quite creepy? - is...

yes...*shivers*- SG*

yes. - drunk fairy

cant sleep, clowns will eat me... cant sleep, clowns will eat me... cant sleep, clowns will eat me... cant sleep, clowns will eat me... cant sleep, clowns will eat me... cant sleep, clowns will eat me... cant sleep, clowns will eat me... cant sleep, clowns will eat me... cant sleep, clowns will eat me... cant sleep, clowns will eat me... cant sleep, clowns will eat me... cant sleep, clowns will eat me... cant sleep, clowns will eat me... cant sleep, clowns will eat me... cant sleep, clowns will eat me... cant sleep, clowns will eat me... cant sleep, clowns will eat me... cant sleep, clowns will eat me... cant sleep, clowns will eat me... cant sleep, clowns will eat me... cant sleep, clowns will eat me... cant sleep, clowns will eat me... cant sleep, clowns will eat me... - monkie boy

Very creepy. They look like they're smiling...but they're not! If they aren't really smiling, how do you know when they're plotting to kill you?- FiFi

my dadd was a clown. sometimes at night he'd clomb into my brother bed and he'd play magic games with him. my daddy liked kids. we had lotas kids come over too play but dadaddy said they all moved away. - meagnolia

Yes, i have Clownaphobla, the fear of what clowns hide behide those smiles.- LubisKo

Well I think that's just a stereotype to say that all clowns are creepy. But I will agree that most are indeed crap-your-pants-scary. Then of course, you may have to take into account trauma and such of the clown's offspring who may have at some time walked in on their clown parents, decked out in clown gear and having it on with Boopy the gorrilla.- Nelson

Especially when they are holding microphones and start singing very badly about "the lord".- BROWN25

Clowns that frown, they're cool. Clowns that smile? They have a hidden agenda. - Angelfish

they are FUCKING creep- adam

in a In 2 words...well yes. You wanna know why?No?? Ok then- Boris

holy mother god and christ on wheels yes!!!!!!- keglineq

*Immediately wets her pants* No, I don't agree at all. *hides the wet spot*- McDiablo

they should all die.- short1

yes...too much make up and their always smiling...and how do they fit all those people in the car?- Retarded Monkey Queen

who created the concept of clowns? Clowns! what a perfect name. They dress up in purposly tacky attire, wear gigantic shoes that measure larger than the rest of their bodies, talk like dopey drugged up retards who are proabaly just high on that baloon helium they take advantage of trying to escape what must be a very, very, shitty job.- Peaces

clowns are scary, in fact they hired one for my lil sis' party and he told me that by making balloon animals they are trying to force all the stupid peolpe in the world into a round room. He also said that when the day comes that all stupid peole be eleminated that clowns would rule the world. My kitty did not agree and he proceeded to scrath his eyes out, oh well one less clown*drags clown body across floor and puts in closet, slams door, opens door, and puts clowns arm inside*- monkeeskittles

hey, alcoholic perverts have bills to pay too, you know. can't knock a guy for trying to make a living. not unless you have DNA evidence.- lily marlene

Ill say. With their big floppy feet and red noses and permanent smiles. With their funny coloured hair and top hats with flowers coming out of them. With their completley tasteless clothes complete with hot pink suspenders. With their crazy names like Pennywise, Loopy Lulu, Toto Tootsy and Bob. With the way they throw scraps of paper at people and pretend its water. With the way they threaten to cut off your genitals while robbing you of all your possessions. With the way they plug both your ears into the electrical sockets and run volts of power through your brain. With the way they pull out your ass hairs one by one as they laugh and sing "Hail to the apostles of satan!". And most of all... the way they're always falling over. Oh my god! Clowns sure are creepy! - Waxter

only when covered in horse fang saliva- pope doug

*cries at the thought of clowns*- Fergus O'dimbal

nope- dennis p

no- Munchkin

Yes, yes and yes. All clowns must die.- carma

Yeah. It's those balloon animals. Those damn clowns think they're god, creating animals out of thin air and a little bit of rubber. I think they're all Satan, just trying to trick us by making us laugh, so we let down our guard, and then they take our souls and all the Ravioli they can carry.- Indomitus

Only if they have decaying eyeballs, black teeth, pointy, runny ears, a disfigured nose, round, fat cheeks, a pointy chin and are holding a queen of hearts to their face.- Diet Pepsi

Totally.- bexda

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