why won't you cheap bastards send us money?

i have sent you. lots of it. maybe SAnimal kept it for himself.- Vegetable Rights Foundation

im an impoverished student. join the dots.- frazicus

The wallet troll stole mine. As soon as I kill it, I will send you some. I promise.- gone postal

I think i have hearing loss. If they tell me I don't....well, i guess i don't then...- Fpan

Because I have no money, I NEED MONEY. Send me money, I'll be your friend.... maybe.- PrettyNightmare

My money grows on underwater trees. And wet money is useless. I have to sell umbrellas made of maple leaves to make my small living. I have no money to spare.- MeowMix

Well, it says on your Send Us Money page, only if we were mulitimillionares would we have to send you money. Ans if we were multimillionares, we would probably spill our glasses of shardenay all over the computer and screw it up after seeing this "absurd" sight therefore not having a chance to send you money.- ZOT

because im a damn cheap bastard- Ninja

Because I don't have any myself- Sally

i will once they announce the winner of the lottery (which WILL be me) next week.- SiNiSTaR

When did you ever send me money? I will give you money if you give me the money to give to you.- Mzebonga

I am only a cheap bastard in that I have no money to give. But, hey, if you want some Canadian Tire Money I could hook you up!- McDiablo

don't know, but i have a pound of eyelashes stuck in my chimney- popedoug

'coz my 1 billion dollar mansion got burned down(all the money was in there) and now i'm on the streets- teenangel

because you beat small children with sticks- saracen

What have you done for me lately?- BrainLiquor

Well its either send the money to you or bye more Care Bears and My Little Ponys. And who can resist the cuddley goodness of a bear with a homosexual symbol on its tummy. - Mistofflies

I am probably poorer than you- pscho smash

What the fuck? Would you send ME money? Because I WANT IT ALL!!!- Birdshit

that would involve me actually have money... as soon as i do, i will send you some. mayhaps i could sell my body... or soul... or sell pictures of naked animals on the net... animal porn anyone?- Fido Dido

i tried,it got sent back, the mail company said you wernt deserving- AMSSOD

Because I am waiting for people to send me money first, once I receive it I will then be sure to send it to you, however you must first send me a self addressed stamped envelope.- DementEd

Whatever makes you happy. Whatever you want. I wish I was special. You're so fucking special. but I'm a creep. I'm a weirdo. What the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here.- Mzebonga

Cause you're cheaper bastards than us- merllee

Youll get your money when u buy my drugs.......and 20 cigs and a bottle of vodka....Thanks!!!- Hev

oyu kickedmy dog and now my dog needs surgery- bojangles jr.

because i am cheap and i have no money so why dont you cheap bastards send me money so i can send it you some money- rooaloo

cause i dont beleive that it'll go to a good cause i want to fund the research of extra testicles, but nooooooo, everyone wants to be web hosts, well that sucks- satanskoncubyne

coz im fucking poor like you,and im a scaffy bastard- Chezara

cause were in love with far away planets- eddie

I was gonna write you a check For foRty thousand, but decidEd to write it for zero instEad. This gives a saving of Forty thousand thAt you can appLy to any part of the website you want. Give me a good answer award and the next check wiLl be for sixty thousand. - Dazed o.O

the answer to that lies in the question itself. namely the part that says we're cheap bastards. - marissa

Look..I can bareley afford lunch and dinner for my self, I freeze constantly in my own home because the heater bill is too high. I am working this janitor job graveyard shift while you sit in your comfy and warm cubicle from 9 to 5, while your sleeping in your king size bed Im scrapping poo out of the mens urinal. do you want to explain to me how that got there? - Syko Morgana

coz I am a bastard with no money- husz

im just as broke as you goddammit- mystic dragon

-rolls up sleeves- well it all started one warm july night, we coudnt resist.....erm wrong story. anywhoo Money has electronic trackers on it, anywhere the money goes the goverment of canada goes also ..( damn canadians... ) they get right up there in your ass and everywhere. They track what you spend it on and then put messages in Britney god-damn spears music that make you think Canada isn't an evil corrupt land. and it messes with your mind see young grasshopper, by not giving you money i help you, they will no longer track you instead they track that old bum that i gave all my money to last weekend ( so he did me some favors you can't call that wrong hehe ) anyways i help your website against the filthy rule of Canada!!! ( lovely thought to think while laying in bed huh?)- one-armed midget Franky

FUCK YOU - you are nothing but a piece of shit to me. . . A FUCKIN PIECE OF SHIT. . . ive never seen you and i FUCKIN HATE YOU . . . I am SATAN you are nothin but a piece of sand on the beach. Go ask your mommy for some money , little bitch.- oooooo

because i am a stupid music college who pays the stupid school/government too much money to sit in an aural class singing and frickin' clapping.. and no, no, no i am NOT bitter.. riiight.. when was the last time you said shakespeare while walking around campus in your socks?- Miss Rogers Sweater

why wont my father pay child support? eh? tell me that- fuck you

Your the people with all the computer equipment and knowlege of making a big website, i'm just some kid with a 486 with win 5.1 in my parents basement downloading pics of mimes.- Existential

Because i am from a 3rd world country.- Bryden Proctor

i ask that every day and only the lava lamp answers- DC

I will. You've only gotta ask.- Witto

because if I sent you money dam it, id have to give some to every tom , dick and harry, what the fuck makes you so dam special, i love your site but dam it. How about you give me some money and in return ill vacume your house, what would you do for me in return nothing , sweet fucking NOTHING, well you provide me with hours of free amusing entertainment but i can get heaps of that, you money hungry pig fucking ass licking god dam son of a bitch- dane

You mean you didn't get it?- thanatophyte

because i only have a bobby pin, a tooth pick, and a piece of lint in my pant pocket. besides, i have more important things to buy instead of giving away, like a porche, a pocket protector, and some socks in those vending machines at the bowling alleys. - chimmy chonga

cuz I don't have any to send- sugar baby

i'll need sex in return- Sexy Sucker

cause i am cheap to- sex bunny

exactly that, i am a cheap bastard- foetus

you suck- ihatespics

what are you talking about? I have sent thousands of dollars to you for taxes...YOU STUPID IRS BASTARDS LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!- AnthraxBoy

Ok, if you send me some money then ill send half of it back and then ill owe you the other half, thet way you will never be broke.- LubisKo

Because if we did we couldn't afford to buy ourselves the socks we use to light up with.- Amish Druglord. RAM!

Why the f***ing hell should I send you bastards my hard earned money? It's my money and no asshole webmasters are gonna get their shit ugly pieces of crap hands on it! Geez, you guys've got a damn lot of nerve to ask THIS crappy question!- cryoman

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