since the frog had left, do you think that charlie should have beaten george with a shovel,
or simply smashed all of his stuff with a bat?

maybe charlie should wait a few days and give the frog a chance to come back and apologize before he decided what to do to george.- Vegetable Rights Foundation

smashed his stuff with a bat of course. i mean, the frog left. so obviously the evidence has gone. no rigourous frog interrogation, so charlie really cant prove anything. yep, hed have to settle for smashing george's stuff as a warning never to cross him. however, if he ever found that good fornothing snitch of a frog.... - frazicus

I think he should do both. With the frog gone, what does charlie have to live for?- gone postal

Concidering that the frog bought lunch in the first place for the both of them, in hopes they'd just get along, I think he should have gone with the bat idea. The frog looked at both of them, dusted off his shoulders, pulled the napkin from his lap, and said "Really!" and stormed out. Charlie got mad I gather.- Fpan

I say "Smash it with a hammer!"- PrettyNightmare

Charlie should have done both! Show No Mercy!- MeowMix

Now why would Charlie do that? Charlie would have to think of the consequences. If he were to take his anger out in violence then he could be arrested, or george could get together all his "mates" and they could do something nasty with their garden rakes and soccer balls. Or, worse, his conscience (aka the little voice in one's head) would get him. Even if charlie's conscience had faded (it couldn't compleatly disappear) it would come back to haunt him. Or, if charlie had banished it to some god-forsaken corner of the earth it would still track him down and then nibble slowly but surely at his mind until he went compleatly crazy and subconsciously drowned himself in a bowl of museli.- ZOT

i say the shovel. cos then it can be used to dig his shallow grave mwahahhaha..- Ninja

Ahhh what the heck do both ,because both would be fun fun fun in the sun sun sun - Sally

charlei should just be glad that the goat didnt leave after the incident with georges uncle- SiNiSTaR

I think the bat would have got a bit dazed. Isn't that cruelty to animals? Most bats are protected species. I think the shovel is a good idea, then he could dig a grave when he was done and hide the evidence.- Mzebonga

I don't believe in physical violence being used on other human beings...but what are Charlie's reasons for beating Charlie? Was this frog the cause of a love triangle between them? That is sad....sad sad sad. But, hey, smashing stuff with a bat sounds pretty good...- McDiablo

neither, he should pass out free broken pogo sticks- popedoug

shovel sounds good- teenangel

i think that charlie should beat george with a bat and then smash his stuff with A shovel- saracen

I would have hit George in the mouth with a steam shovel, and then covered his stuff in gasoline and set it on fire. Then I would have goteen a bunch of hobos to sit around the burning pile, drink whiskey and tell dirty jokes.- BrainLiquor

Beat the shit outa George. The bastard was asking for it. I mean George basically told the frog he was no good and to go away. See the poor frog had an identify crisis. He felt as though Charlie didn't love him. Since Charlie got that chocklate factory frog has always been second in his life. And he couldn't take it anymore. He went to George for advice and George said hes gonna be frog legs soon. So the frog split. So yes Charlie beat Georges ompa lomp ass all over the everlasting godstoper machine. - Mistofflies

smashed george with a bat then steal his stuff- pscho smash

Naw, just beat the crap outs him with the shovel. I like to hear people screech with pain.- Birdshit

well, personally, i think if he had simply filled his room with paper balls, then it would be a whole lot more fun. but then again, covering everything in clingfilm (saran wrap) in his house wuold be even better. but a beating with a shovel sure feels good first thing in the morning. if you eat some dog shit as well, it adds to the experience. i think tying him to a car and driving down a motorway really fast would be even better, though.- Fido Dido

Both would be intertaining- AMSSOD

Neither, especially since Charlie is not a U.S. citizen and everyone knows that he would not be able to legally purchase the kind of shovel that one would require to be able to beat someone with. Now if smashing all of George's stuff with a bat, would make Charlie feel that much better, then I say smash the stuff; but Charlie must also take into account the fact that he may need George's help in the future, especially if the Frog returns. What I think Charlie should do is make it look like an accident. Walk up slowly to George's stuff and "Fall" into it, frantically swinging the bat as he falls. I know that this works because I have had many frogs leave me.- DementEd

The frog left??? No one told me!! Why? Why did the frog leave? I bet he thought Charlie was too old, so he got himself a tadpole. Sick, sick mutha fucking frog. I'll smash all of George's stuff and then hit him with a shovel and Charlie can hire a P.I. to investigate the frog and have him put up on charges of paedophilia. Sick, sick mutha fucking frog. Oh, by the way, what does George have to do wit all of this and why did I just ruin all of his stuff and break his face?- Mzebonga

beaten him with a shovel- merllee

I think a chainsaw and a cheesegrater sound more distastful! -Hev

he deffinately should have gotten that shovel beatting. i mean after having sex with the frog and being pregnant with charlie's baby i definately thing a shovel beatins in order- bojangles jr.

i think he should have done both because goerges things are ugly and so is george and it would be funny to see him getting beat with a shovel!- rooaloo

deffo smashed all his stuff with a bat, cause emotional damage is so much longer lasting and more fulfilling than physical, that and i used to be real good with a bat back in my hay day... man i could wack the habit off a nun thru the convent railing at 50 paces on a clear one..- satanskoncubyne.

both,and maybe sum destuction with bodily waste- Chezara

kill the frog, kill that little green bastard with an can of fanta, slice him real good- eddie

Carlie should beat george with a shovel. Hurting George is more permanent than smashing all his stuff with a bat. Especially if you do some permanent damage like giving george horribly disfiguring scars. Even if you completly destroy all of his stuff he could still buy new stuff. Smashing his stuff is short term revenge. Beating him with a shovel can give him injuries he will have to live with for the rest of his life and possibly even kill him. That seems a little more long term to me. Is a bat really durable enough to smash all his stuff? One flew in my house once and I got a good look at it when it was hanging upside down form the ceiling. It was tiny and fuzzy and that doesnt seem like the kind of creature you want to smash stuff with. If I smashed his stuff it would be with a crocodile.- Dazed o.O

since bats r such fragile small animals, and hardly capable of inflicting lasting damage , SMASH HIS ASS WITH THE SHOVEL BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - marissa

It's raining cheese.- Syko Morgana

smashed all his stuff with a bat. yep I think that would be the wisest solution, I mean the red couch didnt do nuthin did he?- husz

bat- mystic dragon

-rolls up sleeves- well it all started one warm july night, we coudnt resist.....erm wrong story. anywhoo Money has electronic trackers on it, anywhere the money goes the goverment of canada goes also ..( damn canadians... ) they get right up there in your ass and everywhere. They track what you spend it on and then put messages in Britney god-damn spears music that make you think Canada isn't an evil corrupt land. and it messes with your mind see young grasshopper, by not giving you money i help you, they will no longer track you instead they track that old bum that i gave all my money to last weekend ( so he did me some favors you can't call that wrong hehe ) anyways i help your website against the filthy rule of Canada!!! ( lovely thought to think while laying in bed huh?)- one-armed midget Franky

If charlie wasnt high on crack, then he'd take the bat and hit the boy in the face. Take his money too. then go spend it on crack.- oooooo

i think charlie should make george watch "the antique roadshow" if anyone should die a biiter and uneventful death it's george. "hey do you know how much my antique clock is worth?"- Miss Rogers Sweater

shoot the bastard in the head- fuck you

Secret response C. Since the free loading trash bag of a good for nothing frog left the two in the gutter selling sand and bogwater for monopoly money charlie should have went home apologised to his parents profusely and got a job paid his parents went to school, get a degree, get a job, get a life, then when he has his own buisness find george then sold him to some big man who would spend the days using him as a garbage disposal. The in five years charlie should steal him back, smack up side the head and say "your a naughty child and thats concentrated evil coming out from behind you, now take this box of apples to that man at that grocery store and get a job" Then when george walks to the grocery store, charlie signals the fbi to arrest and beat george for "moching" (wink wink) the fbi and selling rat poison to elementary children saying its happy juice. Then blow up the grocery store, go back to selling sand and bog water and wait for that damn frog to come back.- Existential

both- Bryden Proctor

i say he should have done both and then done a jig- DC

I'd have smashed all his stuff with a bat, then me and the bat would've hung around in a cave for a bit.- Witto

have you ever heard the sound of a shovel hitting a humans head, its magic , actually thinking of it takes me back to the good old days when we use to go shovel hitting behind the mall, it would have to be the shovel.- dane

Neither, really. I think that Charlie should have forced George to go down the water slide lined with razor blades, which leads into a large pool of lemon juice.- thanatophyte

well, if charlie was smart, he would've first pepper sprayed george square in the eyes, then flick him in the ears a couple of times, give him a good ol' swirly in the dirty toilet, and THEN, he may hit george with a shovel...and get his friend Eddie to hit him from the back with a bat....or you could always use a mase. it works. and hopefully at that time, the frog would come back, and eat his cake. - chimmy chonga

beaten geoarge with a shovel- sugar baby

osmosis. ....the latter- Sexy Sucker

fuck em- sex bunny

of the above, he should have beaten george with a shovel. Better yet would be if he transmogrified into a rat's-arsehole-sized telegraph pole in the shape of a chicken which is doing a really good impersonation of a video camera that's focussed on twelve young kids doing the chicken dance, and singing about mooses wearing spatz.- foetus

Smashing is not only a sociable activity that can make you new and interesting friends, but is also a healthy way to let off prodigious amounts of anger built up due to an unfair existence. Shovelface smashing should only be used if Charlie actually wants to kill George and could get away with it. Me I'd choose the smashing or just go find the frog.- ihatespics

the frog left? *has nervous breakdown*- AnthraxBoy

Beat him with a shovel, are you crazy, you dont beat people with shovles, you use a bat.- LubisKo

The frog left simply because.....his ass hurt from george ass jacking him. And the frog was charlie's mother, so yes he should have bought the DIAL soap and not that Cookie Dough. COME TO REALISE THIS , IDIOT!!!- Amish Druglord. RAM!

Let me get this straight: simply beating someone or something with a shovel or a bat? Charlie should lock George in a room with all his stuff and a big crate of firecrackers with a remote detonator wired to them. Charlie should then get a long way away and set off the remote detonator, which will turn everything in the room into crispy chicken. Mmmm......crispy chicken........aaahhhhhh.- cryoman

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