the air is dry and the neighbors have a burning torch in their backyard... who should i put my trust in?

me!id burn your house down goood unlike those neighbors waitin for ever for the stupid planed supposivly "accident fire came" I'd take my torch down and just burst it in flames anytime you like!so if your lookin for someone to trust..member me:)- HoGZaReSpeCiaL

Put trust into an airtight bag and keep refrigerated. Use within 3 months, not suitable for home freezing.- Fido Dido

You're asking that? Trust the cats, for everything happens according to their plans. If you burn alive, it's for a reason.- Mzebonga

Well, it depends on the layout of your adjoining properties. If you can reach it with a hose from your yard you could pretend to be watering something in your yard and "accidently" douse the shorts off of the entire party, torch and all. If there is an angle from which they can not see you but, you are able to reach the torch with the hose, say you fell or something, and that the hose just got caught and flung in that direction. If they can see you, you may have to act the "fall" out. Or get back-up and take them by force. In any case, I would say trust your hose.- Your Lawyer

the torch, it could go insane and go on a killing spree and you could be the first victim and be burned fun!!- dizzy munkie

Join the neighbours. With the right words of encouragement, you could get them to use the torch in a satanic cannibalistic ritual. You'll get a free dinner, and afterwards, they might even give you the leftover shrunken head. I've heard they are very good air moisteners. - Waxter

no one trust no one who has a fucking torch in their backyard.- Sally

You should trust in no one if you trust in someone they are bound to turn on you so trust no one.- SG*

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ- Mattew/Mark/Luke/John

i dont get it..- w33nkie

Burn them, burn them all trust the burning pyres- Ninja

5,000 Squid attacking people at random- Sk8erGecko

yourself- kate

Put your trust in The almighty. Of Course you know I mean John Belushi. He would just take a samarai sword and chop your neighbors to pieces before passing out. yeah, those were the good ole days.- A crazy Person

If it was me, I would put my trust in DC, but if it is DC I am responding to, the next in command would have to be those little frogs that only I can see.- FartMonkey

the torch, it can't think for itself thus it can't do any harm on its on free will, but i am walking towards it, so i have no trust in myself- MrDrifta

trust no one...- Skittles

Trust no one, there all out to get you.......- LubisKo

Cheese is good.- weirdDAR

me, cuz i'm going to go to go roast meatballs on the torch for a nice light snack.- Miss Roger's Sweater

I'd say put your trust in the burning torch and light your neighbours' house on fire. They deserve it, after all, since they don't approve of your topless sunbathing and are constantly trying to hit on your dog, Woofer.- McDiablo

Someone who can piss like a fire hose- Mystic_Murray

Nobody, of course. It's a trick question.- Fantastic

The International Society for the Abolishment of Discrimination Against Goats, of which 4 separate peoples who frequent this site are high-ranking members. We shall save you when the entire world seems in imminent danger of becoming sane.- The Fool

my dog- frizzy

well i to this situation i always say Richard Simmons. Hell while the nieghborhoods burning to a crisp you - that right you- can be losing weight. Who else would you want to trust??- one armed midget

the can always rely on the air.Keeps ya live ya know?- JacKsurL

the complete book of food counts it will give you the answer to everything!!!- bobspenistasselholder

The nearest sock monkey.- Omuletzu

the chickens.- frazicus

Anyone but Mzebonga. He paid your neighbours to hold the torches. I'm not lying. he's crazy.- Sophie

MYSELF! Why the hell should I trust the neighbors..? NO WAIT!! NOT EVEN TRUSTING MYSELF!! AAAAAH!!!!! THE SANITY!! it's trying to get me... - sheniqua

don't trust anybody. everyone's out to get you. remember that.- insanity crises 420

You shouldn't trust anybody but if you REALLY wanna trust something, trust the torch to burn down the whole neigborhood before sundown the next day.- SiNiSTaR

it really depends on what kind of torch they have... i mean if they have to one of those metal ones that you get from k-mart, i would have to say you need to put your trust in the president of uraguay. but if they have one of those cool guy tiki wooden torches then i would tell you to only trust the sloths that ring the bell at midnight on thursdays. do you know why they only ring it on thursdays?? i think it is because of their lack of an apposable thumb.- Zero

the air- pope doug

Me, for you know that I would never desert you...if you get me a pony...- FiFi

anyone wearing spats and coating a dwarf in bearnaise sauce.- Fish

the burning touch. deffinately the burning torch. ancient civilizations used to sacrafice there sexual organs to them. i'm following there lead.- meagnolia

i dont know- jocelynevans

...ok- jess

a pathologically fucked up sadistic minded sexy purple smurf with blue hair and a rainbow car yet to be purchesed with a daughter named pagan marie who goes to a christian school and has a boyfriend named jesus who goes to a jewish school.- BooBoo

Me. I can piss in the wind so the air is wet and the torch will go out!- kiLLj0y

The fire, always the fire. It is your friend and it doesn't like it when you make other friends. It also doen't like your hairy ankls and wants you to shave your nuts.- Colonel


Kill the neighbors and trust no one.- skippy

Well, it depends. If it is a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Sunday, you have nobody to put your trust in. They have all abandoned you. But on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, you can trust the green giraffe. If you haven't met him, his name is George. He is my best friend. I'll talk with him and maybe send him over so you can chat with him. - FartMonkey

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