blue, green or black?
october 2002

Mostly black and blue but, it is starting to ooze something green.- Enfante Terrible

u are askin me to answer a question that people have wondered for millions apon millions of years. Wondering and pondering the answer but never!never! coming up with it until today my good friends at theinsanedomain, its green.- Spagetti

by taste of opinion green always apealed to me but i chose black because i can so fuck off mister!- PopoTheClone

black- Vile weasel squeezer

black- killmenow

green by process of elimination. blue is suspiciously depressing. so is black on reflection, but its also a 'not colour', also highly suspicious. green is the only one not hiding anything. makes me think it is.- frazicus

Green! With shiny faces and angles... And some blue refraction, yeah! And a dark center. Yum, apple flavor!- Omuletzu

oh man that sounds like a line that would be in a backsrteet boys song.. shoot me.. - Miss Roger's Sweater

black- jocewlyn

blue, green, or black what? It depends...if we're talking about leaves, we need black, if we're talking about oil, we want blue, and if we're talking about the sky, we need green.- FartMonkey

black, always gotta be the black- Ninja

..Im sorry, I've lost all creativity I used to have for these things. That one is too hard. I was going to put something stupid like "Mauve", or "yellow", but I decided not to. - Syko Morgana

why do we have to chose??? you see, this is the freakin' problem!!!!! this is what's wrong with the world!!!! why can't we accept all colors???don't chose people!!revolt against this fascist question, revolt against the small mindedness that deems it necessary to submit to one coloredness. (hey that kinda rythmed) - marissa

blue, because thats the color of the monkees that steal my thongs and go to gay bars!- naughtee69

green definetly green- Nameless

Blue, of course.- Jess

I've been beaten black and blue but never green. I think I'll try green, just to be original.- Mzebonga

Orange.- Loshi777

Well the sunflower fleet, shall make darkness meet. So the sun shine for time will always come but not for the warmth cus it is its being as so we are burning and a hiding sun still hasnt done its meaning as so will us, if we hide.Therfore i chose green.- KKKKKKKEEEEELLLLLLYYYYYY

black- Sally

black of course.. the rest are just fakes- DC

you name the colors, i've taken the pills.- demonboy"_"

nabaly poop- peri

at school i was always told if you mixed certain colours together you always ended up with a different colour, but i always ended up with a poo brown colour. Why is that? - is...

BLACK!!bwhahahahahahahaa!!!!- SG*

hmm,i like to wear black but id pick blue.- drunk fairy

aww shoot, those nuns, frogs and smurfs are having an orgy again- monkie boy

Oh darlings! Blue is sooooooo in this season! Green if you want to look like seaweed, but personally I'd have to say red.- FiFi

well as long as infection come in green and black i'd have to go with blue- meagnolia

Blue, it dosent take as long to spell.- LubisKo

ahhhh the question of all questions. Well of course not blue, blue is the colour of children's eyes who we all know are just out to read your mind and suck your blood. And not green because of those f***ing evil green jellybeans (confectionary-lord give us peace!). So I guess that leaves us with black, that isn't a colour at all. Oh well, at least black is never associated with evil.- Nelson

Shut up.- BROWN25

All three! Green in the center, blue on the inner circle, and black around the outside.- Angelfish

blue- adam

Well to be honest none because blue reminds me of the sea which leads to water which leads to me drowning till my death. Green reminds me of grass which is too happy, with its judging blades and softness....its misleading. And black well just reminds me of the colour of Nick Carter's teeth. I vote for red...- Boris

well i guess it depends how hard you hit me. if you don't hit me that hard then green, blue if it's a bit harder and blck if you take some sort of heavy stick out of your bottomless pocket and club me to death...but being a stereotypical goth i'm gonna say green..- keglineq

Blue ... what happens now that I've said that? Will you 'surprise' me with Blue, that dog from "Blue's Clues", and her stupid friend, Joe. Ugh, I don't think I could handle that *goes into the fetal position*.- McDiablo

black.- short1

PURPLE! because it's ORANGE- Retarded Monkey Queen

shit doo doo water brown. how about that?- Peaces

hmmmm.....thats a hard one....maybe blue, cause thats my fav. maybe defintly im positive blue- monkeeskittles

blue now and then, green daily, black rarely but, i understand that black was easier to come by than green up in your parts for a while, so if you know of any, you've got a friend in me.- lily marlene

Black. I think it really represents the tortured and suffering existence of mans inner psyche. Its flowing hues truly incorporate all the tonations and fluxuations of the other, seemingly more important colours of the spectrum. It portrays to the viewer what eternity really is, what life really is: a meaningless expression of the inner workings of our souls. Its also the background colour of And thats what really matters isnt it?- Waxter

how bleak was my puberty- pope doug

If you take the 1st and 2nd letters from the 1st option, the 3rd and 4th from the 2nd and the last two from the 3rd you get "bleeck". Which phonetically, if not accurately, describes the choice you offer. I want purple.- Fergus O'dimbal

blue- dennis p

blue- Munchkin

Black.- carma

Well, it's sort of red and swollen right now. It'll probably turn blue, then green, then black, and then fall off. And then I can sell it to science.- Indomitus

Well If I pick blue, what are the chances of frogs falling out of the sky and hitting me? If I pick green, chances are I'll get pissed on. But I'd go for black cuz then death would come more swiftly and I wouldn't be stuck with this dumb colour.- Diet Pepsi

what? wtf can come in either blue green or black? if only there were black smarties,in which case i could say blue based on the fact its the best smartie colour. unfortunately this is not so...Ill go eat worms somewhere.- bexda

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