due to the recent upsurge of people going online to bitch about stupid shit,
do you feel that they should be beaten or at the very least set on fire?

Not if it gives us something to laugh at. Otherwise, I've been tracking down the stupid people that aren't fun to laugh at and beating them with an old table lamp, then setting their dogs on fire to assist the cats in taking over the world.- gone postal

Of course not. It's human nature to bitch around. Those who don't are wimpy idiots. Those are the people others bitch around about.- Sodatab

burn the witches!!. um... online bitches- Ninja

Both!Absolutly both- no one wants to here their whining.- Sally

They should be set on fire so we can roast marshmallows and make smores. I havent gone camping for a long time. - Dazed o.O

I think they should be impaled up the ass on a stake then forcefed printouts of their stupid rambles and bitchings until they explode like a pigeon that ate rice..that or thrown in a burlap sack with a rabid sanimal in heat...- Kitten

umm.- gremlin

i would say yes but why not just make them love slaves to your tail?- keglineq

To all the pyros out there...I say burn the suckers, that is if the "beating some sense into them" doesn't work.- McDiablo

Beaten. Setting people on fire is so overrated. Kicking the shit out of someone gives you such a better feeling about yourself. - Mandie

fire, definatly the fire. burn, burn them all. fire. yes, fire. purge the unclean ones. cleansing fire. what? this twitch? no, no, i just get it sometimes, nyeah, yeah... no i'm not having a fit, no, argh! stop it, stop it! the voices! they tell me to burn things!- Fido Dido

I think set on fire they have a less chance when being beaten of permenant damage where as on fire ya would get burned and computers seem to set damage to us all!- NO TOUCHY

i think they should all be put in a chat room with men posing as 16 year old girls, but are actually 50 year old men wearing thongs.. - Miss Rogers Sweater

very least? burn them, because i like the smell of gasoline, especially when it's burning, so just go ahead with the bitch burning- Canimeda

beaten AND set on fire. beaten first of course. we cant very well have the beating putting the flames out. hey! we could lock them in that burning pony club!- frazicus

GET OUT THE BEATING STICK... AARRRGGGHHH if only i hadnt broken my lucky beating stick on some annoying little ankle biters...- psychotic_freak

Yes, I have already created a cult to rid the wonderful online world of these pessimists.- MeowMix

I think the best we can do for them is bitch about important shit in hopes that they will get confused and go away. - Angelfish

Actually, we should take all the people that bitch about stupid shit and make them our slaves..then, we can all kinds of slave.. And beat their faces in with a large novelty sized spoon!! And make them ritually dismbowl themselves before they address you..- TroubledPrey

Yes i think they should cuz no one comes online to talk to some fatass who likes to bitch about their life and crap cuz our life sux anywayz- Alish

beaten, but not set on fire. if you set too many people on fire, more than likely one of them will have the ability to control their flame-imbued bodies. i don't know about you, but i'd rather not have to fight the human torch. at least not until i get my freeze-gun from sears.- Matamite

I think their skin should be peeled off and salt poured on them...not too much pain...- Insanity

but if we beat them they will complain more! If they die in a fire they can't complain anymore...would God let them bitch in heaven? or would they get kicked out of hell b/c satan got sick of them and then they had to wander around in nether space bitching about how no one likes them...- Cirrus

You mean like Sanimal??- syko morgana

yes- kudos

There are reasons why capital punishment exists, I think it is a fine example of where to use it.- Mzebonga

Beat them and stone them like we do in Limerick.- Fergus O'dimbal

Burn Mzebonga!! Burn him!!!! Burn him to a crisp!!!!- Sophie

I think they should be set aflame and made to watch as their only means of ranting about their poor little lives is smashed and pissed on. Yes, burn them all.- Sya

I will eat the Sock Monkey- Flabba the Slut

a light flogging seems in order- meagnolia

set on fire by their own exploding computers.- nuclear,biological,chemically imbalanced

Stop bitching about people bitching or im gonna burn you good....- Bilge

I was thinking about this the other day when I was shining my monkey with monkey shine and yes, I think they should all be set on fire while hanging upside down, and being forced to listen to Jewel until they're dead...- Ainera

no. i think they should be locked up in an igloo naked, with lots of fat ugly people and forced to do the tango to Britny SpeARs and RicKy Martin and NSyNc- MoooooooMooo

yes- scsi

Well, they should die of course, but someone on fire may go into shock and not feel anything. They need to feel horrible. How about just setting one of their eyes on fire, and having the other eye being eaten by fire ants. Then, put a rope around one pf their arms and attaching the other end to a very big horsey. Have the horse rip it off...ummmm...I'll think of more later.- nirojah

I think they all should be set on fire. Stupid bitches! - Tubby!

i think they should be set ablaze beaten out then set ablaze again the beaten out again in a never ending cycle, that is broadcast through a webcam as a warning.- Stupid Handle(aka Fancy Fork Flinger)

i dont have this problem. i have an idiot filter on MY computer. sucks that you dont?- The X

beaten... severely...- Ishbul

People bitch way too much- Laura

i think they should be strapped to a chair in front of a gigantic screen tv and be forced to watch britney spears live in concert , followed by the complete season of survivor, and then ot top it of, the 2 hour trl special co hosted by n sync and mandy moore if they haven't killed them selves by trying to drown on their own saliva by then, let them go... they've suffered enough.- marissa

neither, they should all be covered by honey, left in the desert and mauled alive by gerbles- it

i say set them on fire, it's more sporting you know- lor

at the very least beaten AND set on fire! that way if the fuzz come along (the police) you can say "Oh no officer i wasnt beating him, i was trying to put him out!"- Karma Monster

There is not enough quality shit around at present, so what the hell are these people bitching about? - Keta

no there is not enough shit in the world. Mind you, if set on fire they will achieve cult status, so the shit would be even better!- Hedge Monkey

yeah- figui

i feel both are due punishments, i think everyone has had enough of these people whining about how hard their lives are and how much stress they go through...please! as if anyone has as much stress as me... being a full time porn star has more pressure than any other job out there...you would not believe how hard it is to get all your pumps in time with the music and cum on command...and the drudgery of doing the same thing day in and day out : lick lick lick pump pump pump suck suck suck pump pump pump cum cum cum, its soo stressful...i would so rather just have a regular job like police officer or President, now theres a stress free job - Humpy McWackWack

I find beating people into submition is great if you're a humanist, but these days we can not take pitty on those less stable. Sooner or later we will have a world full of these fuckers, and well, we can't have that. Extermination seems a more permanent efficient way of weeding out the slow ones. Personally, I'm all about being efficient.- monkey

they should be ass raped with a cucumber.- z24

I say we chop their fucking heads off with a hatchet.- Blunt

set on fire and have their crisp bodies beaten to an ashy pulp. i'd have an urn ready.- SiNiSTaR

hmmm we should be able to have like a fox-hunt with them. We should all be on killer sock monkeys chasin after them brandishing flame throwers.- OddBoddkins

I would rather see a mass-castration, sponsered by Budweiser, and broadcasted via Pay-Per view.- D-Link

set on fire- Blinky

set on fire. cause fire is pretty and i am lazy. it takes to much to sit and repeatedly beat someone, but if you set them on fire then you can just sit and watch.- dumb blonde

sure, but please burn them with acid so it will be slow- Insanity In The Flesh

you know what pisses me off? is people who bitch about people who bitch online? ps. me bitching about the bitches doesn't count, i rule - schizoid

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