what horrible things have your parents forced you or a sibling to wear?

farmer jack overalls- Vegetable Rights Foundation

how about me AND a sibling? xmas day. matching pale blue dresses, frills, lace, the works. i think we even had matching hats. at any rate, im still in therapy. - frazicus

No, don't remind me of that... Please no... Ahh damn! I remembered. It was... The Tie... No, no, no. AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!! IT'S BACK! It's knocking on my door!!! HELP! Someone, get me out of here!!!- gone postal

I'm a jellybakad and my shirt is feelin' fine.- Fpan

Nothing, my parents are awesome. - PrettyNightmare

I have this loser sock bunny cousin, and when i was small, i went to his birthday and was the only young sock monkey there. My parents made me wear ridiculous strap on bunny ears so i would fit in.- MeowMix

My parents moved to Australia from Canada indirectly forcing my brother and I to wear school uniforms. I am convinced that teachers, when gathered together in those top-secret "staff meetings", come up with evil plots against students. School uniforms are just part of these plots and the teachers make them as uncomfterable and inconvenient as possible. This shows in their hypocrasy, how often do you seen a teacher in a school uniform? They should try wearing stiff potate sacks (aka school dresses) or ties that mysteriously and independently tighten choking it's unfortunate victim.- ZOT

the pink dress. ughhh- Ninja

pink bike shorts Hell embarrassing!!- Sally

polyester underwear- SiNiSTaR

I used to have a brown tracksuit and my gran bought me and my sister matching Minnie Mouse tracksuits with pink bits on them. That would be okay for an eight year old girl, but as an eight year old boy, I was heartily upset. Do you think she was trying to tell me something?- Mzebonga

A DRESS (and yes, I'm a girl..my parents don't believe in cross dressing). You know those horrible days when you have to 'dress up' for class pictures. I didn't want to wear the stupid thing, but of course my mother was set on it. Everyone else was wearing jeans and worn shirts...here I am in my lame ass dress. - McDiablo

avocado green lingere on our buttox- popedoug

some ugly shitty pants?- teenangel

a huge czechozlovakian pot noodle machine- saracen

Silver spaceman outfits...to church!- BrainLiquor

When i was young I had to wear a yellow sweatshirt with a hush puppy like dog in the middle. And when you pushed the dog the fucker squeked. Now that is tromitizing to a 6 year old. - Mistofflies

puff painted sweaters with matching pants. My hair in not only a ponytail on the side of my head but also a braided ponytail.- pscho smash

Ugh, I was forced to wear ladybug corduroy pants. But the worst was how I had to wear my hair! My mom would put my hair into pigtalis. Then braid each pigtail, then take the bottom of the braided pigtail and connect it to the top part of it, making braided "O's"......- Birdshit

once, they made me wear a dead mans body... that was a sad day... i got sent home from school, and then molested by a mole. i have never fully recovered from that experience. and one time, i had to wear a suit made from live hedgehogs. that was spiky. i had to hire some professonal badgers to escort me.- Fido Dido

plaid pants- AMSSOD

Clothes.- DementEd

I was forced to wear plastic bin bags in public once. That was horrid. but I did fall in the pond so it was kinda my fault. It's funny because it's true.- Mzebonga

clothes- merllee

An old woman style flowery shorts and shirt( i swear it stunk of piss!)- Hev

matching checkered strech pants and berets with red turtle nicks and green sweater vests. - bojangles jr.

a dress!- rooaloo

my mama forced me to wear boys shoes cause she said my feet were too big for girls shoes.- satanskoncubyne

gay crap looking navy VELCRO!!!! strappy shoes with purple lycra cycling shirts and a flowery t-shirt,with a side pony tail- Chezara

a massive condom- eddie

The most horrible thing my parents ever made me wear is clothes. I hate clothing! Why cant we all just walk around naked the way we came into this world? Wearing clothes is not natural and I refuse to do it. It is constricting and stupid because I said so. if my parents really loved me theyd let me be as nekkid as I want. My parents tried to trick me into wearing clothes to moms friends wedding once by telling me that underneath the clothes I was naked but I was to smart for them. Just when the bride was walking down the isle I jumped up and ripped off all my clothes. People screamed and fainted and gasped and stared at me but I was to busy being naked to care. It was cool. And then I started masturbating! Nekkid!- Dazed o.O

gold shoes. need i say more?- marissa

A turtle necked tank top with fruits labeled all over it. - Syko Morgana

a shirt, belt, pants, underwear, shoes, socks, caps, gloves, - husz

slouch socks and hi-tops!- mystic dragon

heh i was not a power ranger i was not i was not.... i am not i am not ( yes the psychatrist is doing good work)- one-armed midget Franky

When I was 6, my mom made me wear my sisters cloths. But the thing was, I had to wear my sisters head too. I know what your thinking, well, a few days earlier my father had been drinking vodka again and in a fit of rage he grabbed the ol' stanley axe, tied my sister to a tree stump, and violenty swung the axe at her neck, in commando fashion, repeatedly, even though the head had come off on the first two swings. You can imagine the gore of the situation. Well anyway, my parents didnt want anyone to know about this so they sent me off to school with a bloody head tied on to my face. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - oooooo

regular people clothes.. when i'd rather be wearing frilly little pink dresses with cute little shoes with bows and buckles. and i have a frilly little bonnet.. it's quite cute. *sighs* i need to get a life.. - Miss Rogers Sweater

once my mom made me wear this horrible like turquois t shirt- fuck you

A cow bell, box of muslix, and a sign saying i'm a devil child who worships satans ass monkey. But thats nothing compared to what they made my brother wear, a set of clothes from wall-mart!- Existential

The carcus of a dead rhino.- Bryden Proctor

they made us get dressed up in 'good clothes'... that sucks- DC

My parents actually forced me to wear my sibling.- Witto

When i was little we had a dress up day at school and my dad sent me as Nevil Hornery who is an australia football player who played for the Canterburry Bulldogs, he was a phychopath who never took a step side wards of backwards in his whole foot ball carea, he ended going to a mental institution, and i think he nearly killed some guy.- dane

My grandma's dead body. At least I got used to the smell quickly, but, man, was it hard to get a date...- thanatophyte

well, from the time i was three, to when i was seven, i had a mullet. i pleaded to my parents to let me get my hair cut, but they always turned me down. and just when you think that was bad, every article of clothing i had, was either neon, tye-died, or tapered. yick. oh well, i could get away with it though, only in surrey!- chimmy chonga

bright pink shorts ahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- sugar baby

Clothing- Sexy Sucker

a thong on a guy- sex bunny

clothes- foetus

Don't Care- ihatespics

clothing in general.- AnthraxBoy

Clothes made in Canada.- LubisKo

We can't afford clothes. COME TO REALISE THIS, IDIOT!- Amish Druglord. RAM!

A f***ing ugly poofy sleeved pink pastel shirt. Did I mention it was ugly as shit?- cryoman

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