if i gave you 12 cents would you put on a dress and put on a little play for me?

darn right I would, and it would be the best darn play this side o' Hicksville... now, wheres that 12 cents?- Fido Dido

12 Cents! I'd do it for a nickel! But you'd have to supply the dress.- MeowMix

Any requests? I can do little red riding hood, or even cinderella!- Feckur

hell yeah- Big Philly Dawg

Didn't I agree to do this for 3 cents?- Mzebonga

i could put on a dress 4 ya m8y but putting on a play may b difficult as ive never been into my local Marks n Sparks n gone into the changing rooms to try on a play! could b fun tho! The dress is no problem i do taht each weekend under the name Doris. - Umbungo

for twelve cents, i would do a matinee show only- Anastasia

welllll... depends if the dress is black. if it is, then no. if its not... no. - shoooooogaaaaahhh

I can get paid to do that?- Fish

Hell yeah! I'd do it for free! I love anything that'll make a fool of myself. Especially for my master DC. What kind? Tap? Balet? Shakespeare? Or just plain strip? I must warn you though, I'm not all that good at getting my legs behind my head, but I'd certainly be willing to learn if you'd be willing to teach me. P.S. Sorry about the last question, my keyboard shortcircuted from the jello. All is good now though.- Waxter

How do you wear a little play? I can put on a dress, but I can't put on a play. I can perform a play with little spuds on sticks and make them sing little songs. That's how Sesame Street began.- Fergus O'dimbal

12 cents?? that can't even pay for a can of my favourite creamed corn! you cheap little monkeys! let me make you a deal, two cans and i'll do whatever you want in whatever outfir you want. hey i'll dance for you wearing a barrel if that's what you want.- SiNiSTaR

ofcourse.. i would do a revival of Shakespeare's Hamlet but do it in a gangsta folk theme,- Miss Roger's Sweater like a redneck who wears chains and says to "smack my bitch up aight"..

For you, at that rate I'd wear a corset and perform the complete works of Shakespeare- Mzebonga

i would do it for free. well, only if it was a little tight pink one.- w33nkie.

youd give me 12 cents? man i already do that for free. apparently i missed a crucial something across the line.- frazicus

Not only would I do a little dance for you i would also bend you over my knee and slap your bare ass with a dead hamster while singing *It's a Small World After All*. Could I get a tip????- I am frank

I would put on a dress and put on a little play for you for free. - bunky

ifi gave you 6 cents would you recite hamlet backwards forthe entire population of libya?- Ninja

what play? cause if it's "A Streetcar named Desire" I would have to say that would cost you 14 cents...- AnthraxBoy

yeah for you I would but what can I get for 12 cents?- Sally

Accepting your money makes me feel dirty since this "little play" always seems to end with me sucking on a sock monkey tail. If you would just spend a little time with me outside of the porno trailer, we might get to know each other better and then, perhaps, I might be willing to wear the dress and put on the little play for free.- Enfante Terrible

not for 12 cents- lolly

yup - pshhhh

i would say so, but then take the 12 cents and dress and run. then i could live like a king!- fishtopher

No.- FartMonkey

Sure. It's your funeral.- Cirrus

I would do it if you let me eat the Sock Monkey. I eat the sexy little Sock Monkey.- Flabba the Slut

sure b'y just give me the dress and supply the music and food...id ..well...sure.- DamnMyBeauTy

No because I am only worth 11 cents, that is far too much money for me..- Fridge-Ass

Not for 12 Canadian cents...how about 12 American cents? That is almost 50 cents Canadian if my crappy math skills prove to be correct. With 50 Canadian cents, I could buy that New Kids on the Block cassette I've always wanted......- McDiablo

baby...you know id do it for free..you dont have to give me all that money..i aint your fucking hore!!!.....do you think im a hore?you.think im a hore...FUVK YOU!i dont need your cheap lovEpaaatooo!!!!!ass1!!#$@$^#%*- makAeYa

Overall, a thoroughly enigmatic, narcississtic and peripatetic "no" would suffice as a sufficient yet honest answer given the homologous question. (no)- foetish

depends what play 'french whores in france' would be a good pick- hollow

only if it is a pink ballirina dress and i can sing i am a little tea pot ......- butthead

this depends, is there a breeze? will you give the twelve cents for every gremlin i persuade into doing it too?- BillyGoatJoe

yeah. it'd be little red ridinghood, and we'd be cut in fourths by the texas chain saw dude.- insanity crises 420

I would play out the entire workings of shakespheare for 13 cents, you just missed me, for 12 cents I'll dress up as a woman and mock Nick carter from the Backstreet Boys, hell i'll do that for free- poopy jo

12 cents is quite a lot of money so probably would not do it. I want to be poor. I like to burn garbage cans and warm my hands.- Beatrix

Only Shakespeare.- Omuletzu

tax free? HA! your ripping yourself off.....- the_lady

No, i need 13 cents to wear the dress.- Phoebe

after you told me there wasnt any point in having fruit in jello? are you being funny? what sort of play were you thinking anyway? nope...i wont do it... bastards.- wee jen jen

oh yeah baby..i would. i would do the dance that Mrs. Anne thought me when i was in school. we used to have private lessons too.. every Tuesday after class. *sigh* those were the days.- Bearded

yes the play would be called what would happen if someone gave me 12 cents and put on a play for a genuis- stupid bitch

the admission fr the meagnolia one man ply is only a nickle but dnations are accepted.- meagnolia

do i have to wear the dress i;m a nudist- deter

hell no, you gotta give me more money, biatch.- sheniqua

Not a chance baby, nice try tho...- Mandy

Well that all depends on wether is 12 pennys or 1 dime and 2 pennys or 2 nickles and 2 pennys.- LubisKo

yeppers! I would put on a frilly lil bity dress and dance like a ballerina and then ask you to do the same for me and if you dont i will stick your head in yer sock monkey sfincter and then use you as a hoola hoop and do a shoe for legless armless lil men in the forest of costa rica that carve boxes with their teeth and shine the boxes with their arses!- bobs penis tassle holder

No, because you can't buy a Timbit with that. Make it 13 cents, then maybe...just maybe I will.- Richard

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